Monkeypox, COVID-19 threats remain low in New Orleans

Mercedes Ohlen, Staff Writer

The threat for both Monkeypox and COVID-19 remains low in New Orleans and Louisiana. 

According to the Louisiana Department of Health, there are 251 reported cases of Monkeypox within the state, with a majority of those within the southeastern region. There have only been two new reported cases as of Sept. 28. Currently, 8,401 individuals have initiated the vaccine, meaning they have received the first dose of a two-shot regimen, and around 3,780 individuals have received the full vaccine dosage.

In Orleans Parish, Monkeypox vaccines are available at The Palms Bar and Grill and the Orpheum Theater. A full list of locations where residents can get the Monkeypox vaccine can be found on the Louisiana Department of Health’s website, where they are organized by parish. 

The New Orleans Health Department has deemed the threat of COVID-19 “low” as of Sept. 22. The seven-day total cases per 100,000 is 61.52, according to the City of New Orleans COVID-19 dashboard. Currently, 71.6% of the total population of New Orleans has been fully vaccinated. While reported cases have gone down, experts still advise frequent hand washing and mask wearing when symptoms are present. 

The CDC recommends all eligible individuals get an updated COVID-19 booster shot. The Moderna booster has been authorized for individuals 18 years of age and older, and the Pfizer booster has been authorized for individuals 12 years of age and older. Vaccines are available at local pharmacies and through Campus Health. 

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