Spooky spots to visit

Eladia Michaels, Contributing Writer

It’s that time of year again: people are plotting pumpkins on porches, pulling Halloween decor boxes from the attic and placing skeletons onto window sills. Luckily, Tulane students find themselves centered in a world of spookiness. There is no better place to celebrate Halloween than the one and only New Orleans, the city known for its haunted history. So, get into this year’s Halloween costume, strap in and come visit some extraordinary Halloween staples around the city. 

Nathan Rich

The Skeleton House

Neighboring Tulane’s campus, just a couple blocks east on Saint Charles Avenue, this infamous house is quite literally impossible to miss. Throughout the month of October, The Skeleton House serves as a seasonal activity to pass by, take photos and take in this precious, skillfully decorated house. The multitudinous host of skeletons that fill the curtilage surely won’t fail to bring a smile to your face. Although this house does not feature an indoor exhibit, you will leave with an eye-catching Instagram story that will leave you and your followers amused.

The Haunted Hotel

If you find yourself eager to stumble across a ghost, this is the place to go. Located Downtown on Ursulines Avenue, the Haunted Hotel awaits your presence. This historical building, built in 1829, has been the scene of over ten murderers. It didn’t gain its reputation until after “The Axeman,” one of the most notorious serial killers in the 20th century, called this Haunted Hotel a home while on his killing spree. He left a note in March 1919, making many afraid of their own shadow. A couple years after this note was found, a bloody ax was found in an attic. So now, it’s time to get spooking and visit the lurking spirit of the Axeman. Indeed, this ax is now on display in the hotel lobby for only the bravest to view.

Mortuary House

Just when you thought it couldn’t get spookier, the 150-year-old “Grand Victorian Mansion” leaves its visitors quaking in their boots. This mansion not only functioned as a funeral home and a crematorium but also was once home to a mortuary which operated for about 80 years. It struck its spooky endeavors as being known as the spot where people remembered their loved ones who have passed. Now, right on the well-known Canal Street, this house has been featured on many top ghost-hunting shows and awarded as one of the Scariest Attractions in America. Why? The one-of-a-kind overdramatized historic chamber excels in incorporating the most blood-curdling environment: fake blood galore, cinematic special effects and eldritch sets that will get your skin crawling. The Mortuary House, undoubtedly, is an experience you need to go see for yourself. I can guarantee you will sleep with one eye open after your visit. 

Whether or not you choose to visit either of these Halloween destinations, there is no harm in partaking in seasonal activities. Take advantage of this city filled with scary ghost stories that keeps us at the edge of our seats. Trust me, you won’t regret visiting any of these acclaimed attractions.

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