Brittany Broski makes waves at TUCP event

Laura Malagrino, Arcade Editor

The crowd was massive. An hour before the doors opened, Tulane University students began to line up in the Lavin-Bernick Center to see Brittany Broski, the internet personality and comedian hosted by Tulane University Campus Programming on Feb. 1.

Broski rose to fame after a video of her trying Kombucha went viral in August 2019. Ever since, Broski has continued to grow her social media following, particularly on TikTok, where she regularly posts videos to her 7.2 million followers. 

Director of Admission Engagement Owen Knight interviewed Broski, often referring to his experience on reality TV as a contestant on “Survivor.” The questions were well thought-out and ranged from advice for aspirational influencers to stories of Broski before she rose to internet stardom. Knight ended the event by asking student-submitted questions in style similar to that of WIRED’s “Autocomplete Interviews.”

Maggie LeStourgeon

Broski touched on meeting one of her celebrity idols, Harry Styles.

“From what I can recall, because I blacked out … it was a complete shock because his team also that day was like, ‘I don’t know if it’s going to work out, you know Harry, it’s one night only, he’s still rehearsing, we don’t have time,’” Broski said. 

Though her meeting with Styles was only about 30 minutes, Broski appreciated the brief encounter. 

“It was just short enough where it was like he was every bit as lovely as I imagined him to be. He is just a ray of sunshine, I mean there’s no other way to describe it, so that small instance was fine,” Broski said. “Any moment longer it would’ve been like ‘you’re too real.’”

It’s safe to say that Tulane students were fairly excited for the chance to see Broski live, which was further confirmed by the ecstatic screams that filled the room once Broski finally stepped on stage. Broski often reached out to the audience, asking questions and engaging with students, several of whom were dressed to the nines for the event. 

After a raucous applause from the crowd, Knight pointed out a student in a particularly bright outfit to Broski.

“They did not wear the pink outfit for me,” Knight said. 

Broski’s unfiltered, true-to-self comedy style has helped her amass a large following across several platforms. When asked about her rise to fame, Broski stated that it was not intentional. 

“When TikTok started, I was posting those same types of videos on Snapchat, just for my friends to watch,” Broski said. “And so it was not even a question of ‘how do I strategize my (expletive) world domination.’ I’m just kind of posting to make my friends laugh and then by proxy I made, you know, a whole community of people … It was all kind of a happy accident.”

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