ROLE MODEL’s university debut at Devlin Fieldhouse

Caroline Menho, Contributing Writer

Seeing ROLE MODEL in concert was like spending an hour with your quirky best friend, if your quirky best friend could sing. 

On March 1, ROLE MODEL took the stage of Devlin Fieldhouse for Tulane University Campus Programming’s spring concert, and his presence filled the intimate venue. Fans experienced the artist’s first-ever college performance, and he certainly made an impression. ROLE MODEL opened with a more recent song, “Cross Your Mind,” and the banging guitar and crashing drums energized the crowd for what was to come. Immediately, ROLE MODEL’s personal and cheeky lyrics established him as a not-so-typical, modern pop-heartthrob for Generation Z. With songs like “if jesus saves, she’s my type” and “stripclub music,” 25-year-old Tucker Pilsbury brings something new to the bedroom-pop genre. 

ROLE MODEL’s self-awareness and charm as a growing artist also engaged the crowd. At one point, the artist nearly fell to the floor upon learning that people had purchased tickets to see him, and that his crowd of adoring fans wasn’t subject to “forced participation.” He may have believed that no Tulanians had actually wanted to come to his show, but he seemed to be a fan of the Green Wave, cheering an enthusiastic “Tulane” after nearly every song. His playful interaction with the crowd — from the front row to the top of the stands — brought the audience together and closer to the artist.

Caroline Menho

ROLE MODEL’s strength lies in his atypical love songs. Lyrics like “I found an angel wearing plaid,” and “I got a death wish, I love her reckless,” paint a vivid picture of love that is realistic and all-encompassing. He continued his serenade to the crowd with an unexpected cover of One Direction’s “Night Changes.” Though he warned the crowd that he might miss a few of the words, his homage to pop sensations before him proves that he is ready to take center stage. Part of ROLE MODEL’s fun is his spontaneity —  he laid down on stage, jumped on amps and hugged crowd members throughout his set. His refusal to take anything too seriously as a performer brought something refreshing to the audience. 

The opening act, Echosmith, provided an enjoyable mix of nostalgia and surprise. Adding a creative new verse to their 2013 smash-hit “Cool Kids” revealed the band’s maturity and experimentation since their domination of the indie-rock scene a decade ago. The band was excited to perform in New Orleans again after almost eight years and promote their upcoming unreleased album. 

ROLE MODEL abbreviated his set due to technical issues, and the crowd was left demanding more of his ear-catching melodies and spunky attitude. With nearly four million monthly listeners on Spotify, a wave of success after his 2022 album release “Rx” and a crowd of fans scrambling to catch his tossed setlist after the show, ROLE MODEL is only getting started and is already on his way to living up to his name. 

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