‘Doctor Strange’ dazzles on all fronts

Brandi Doyal, Senior Staff Reporter [email protected]

If you’ve been on social media since Thursday, then you probably have heard of “Doctor Strange”, which just made $85 million during its opening weekend. This movie proves that the days of red-and-blue 3-D paper glasses are long gone.

“Doctor Strange” follows the story of brilliant surgeon named Stephen Strange, whose life is derailed by an accident that gives him severe nerve damage in his hands. Looking for a miracle, he undergoes surgeries, and when medicine fails him, turns to magic and finds a hidden world. 

The origin story follows a similar plot formula to “Iron Man”, playing off the idea of a rich jerk who is forced to expand his worldview. “Doctor Strange” also added magical special effects and British acting reminiscent of the Harry Potter films. So what makes “Doctor Strange” worth the trip to the theaters? 

Marvel has always looked to well-known actors to step up its superhero movies, but Benedict Cumberbatch was born to play Doctor Strange. There is nothing new about an origin story, but it felt new and fresh. The humor never missed a beat. The emotions were high, low and everything in-between. If nothing else, the movie is worth seeing for Cumberbatch fans just to get a glimpse of his perfect American accent. 

It wouldn’t be a stretch to compare sitting in the theater, watching this movie to drug-induced trip. The Academy can cough up the Oscar for Visual Effects now. “Doctor Strange” was unique and adventurous for a superhero movie. Marvel made fight scenes without just blowing up skyscrapers and panning to cool action shots.

The city moves and turns and is reshaped, like something only Picasso could imagine. The fights are as much intellectual as physical. Unlike other studios, Marvel brings the budget to make the visuals beautiful.   

You might recognize composer Michael Giacchino from Pixar’s “Up” and his recent work in “Jurassic World.” Giacchino keeps impressing with music that fits the world of “Doctor Strange”.

In a world where the score of superhero movies is usually forgettable, Marvel learned to make the music count. The music has been released, so even if your pocketbook isn’t up for a trip to the theaters, you can still experience some of the world “Doctor Strange” has to offer.

The story makes the superhero relatable and human. Doctor Stephen Strange is by no means a good person in the beginning, but he struggles emotionally, physically and even philosophically. Perhaps the most important message for viewers is: “It’s not all about you.”

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