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    Green Wave Baseball wins back-to-back conference championships, will play in Corvallis regional

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    From blues to Cajun cuisine: the best of Jazz Fest 2024

  • Police have found two video cameras in campus bathrooms in recent months and arrested one former employee but said the cases do not appear to be connected.


    Faculty, students deliver letters condemning Tulane’s response to pro-Palestinian encampment

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    Winners announced: Arcade A+ Awards

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    Letter to the Editor

    Letter from the Editor | In good hands

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    OPINION | Final exams: Are we finally done with them?

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    OPINION | Science or not: Rethinking core curriculum

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    Letter to the Editor | Silent killer: Why World Malaria Day matters

  • Police stand in front of protesters early Wednesday morning.


    Pro-Palestinian protesters demand charges be dropped after police sweep at Tulane

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Student newspaper serving Tulane University, Uptown New Orleans

The Tulane Hullabaloo

Student newspaper serving Tulane University, Uptown New Orleans

The Tulane Hullabaloo

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23 Iconic costumes for Halloween ‘23

Graphic by Shivani Bondada

October — you know what that means. Fall is in the air, Starbucks serves pumpkin spice flavored drinks and a little breeze blows through the oaks.  

It may only be the first week of the month, but it’s never too early to think about Halloween costumes for Tulane Hallo-weekend. Here are 23 costumes plucked from all aspects of pop culture, guaranteed to be the hottest in 2023. 

1. One of Taylor Swift’s Eras 

This costume is perfect for Swifties who want to show off their favorite era from Taylor’s career. Whether you’re dressing for her glittery era of “1989” or the iconic snake one-piece from “Reputation,” this costume is bound to be stunning. You can also turn this into a couple’s costume by including her current beau, Travis Kelce. For our costume’s sake, let’s hope they last until Halloween.

2. Tricky, Subway Surfers 

This iconic costume is adorable and can be made from clothing in your closet. Take some blue jeans and pair them with a white tank top, and you got it. Tricky’s character is super cool on its own but can be matched with the male character, Jake, to become a couple’s costume. 

3. Flo, Progressive

You know her, and you love her. Flo from Progressive is a recognizable and hilarious costume. Great for brunettes, who wear a white shirt underneath an apron to achieve this look. This costume can also be matched with Jake from State Farm as a couple’s costume. 

4. Avril Lavigne 

Looking for something a bit edgier? Avril Lavigne’s emo style could be the perfect costume for you. Representing pure 2000s fashion, Avril Lavigne paved the way as a true rock star. This costume is great if you want to pluck things directly from your closet. 

5. Perry the Platypus, “Phineas and Ferb”  

Perry the Platypus is a cute and fun costume that is easy to whip up. By using just turquoise and orange items, you can create a look that looks like Perry. You can turn this outfit into a trio costume by pairing it with Phineas and Ferb. Plus, your friends can confidently say the joke, “Where’s Perry?” while out on the town. 

6. Alice, “Alice in Wonderland” 

“Alice in Wonderland” is an elegant and sweet costume idea. Perfect for blondes, take a blue dress and top it with a white apron to finish this look. Don’t be “late” to this costume idea.

7. Queen of Hearts, “Alice in Wonderland”

Pairing perfectly with Alice, the Queen of Hearts is another fabulous costume idea. This costume can be achieved with a red dress or corset. When else will you have the opportunity to confidently announce, “Off with her head!”

8. Dorothy, “Wizard of Oz”

This costume can be achieved by pairing a blue checkered dress with braids and — of course — red glittery shoes. Don’t forget Toto! This costume is perfect for brunettes. This costume can be turned into a group costume, matched with the other characters from the “Wizard of Oz.”

9. Wendy Darling, “Peter Pan”

Wendy is an easy and beautiful costume idea. Match a light blue dress or nightgown with a blue bow. It can also be turned into a duo or couple’s costume by introducing Peter Pan or Tinker Bell. 

10. Wendy, Wendy’s 

Another Wendy, but just as adorable. Wendy from Wendy’s is perfect for redheads or people not opposed to wearing a red wig. This costume is iconic and hilarious because it gives you an excuse to roast people all night, just like the Wendy’s Twitter account. 

11. Pam Beesly, “The Office” 

Looking for more of a modest look? Pam Beesly from Netflix’s “The Office” might be the right look for you. This costume can be completed with a white button-up blouse, pink cardigan and khaki pencil skirt. This outfit is both cute and comfortable. This outfit can also be matched with Pam’s significant other, Jim Halpert, turning into the cutest couple’s costume. 

12. Princess Peach, “Super Mario Bros.”

Either the animated Princess Peach from the new “Super Mario Bros. Movie” or the classic 1985 Peach from the “Super Mario Bros.,” this look is adorable either way. Live out all of your princess fantasies with this look. You can achieve this look by wearing a pink dress, white gloves and a crown. It can also become a couple’s or group costume if you pair Princess Peach with Mario or the other Super Mario Bros crew. 

13. Mia Thermopolis, “Princess Diaries” 

Speaking of princesses, Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo, aka the princes of Genovia, is an adorable and classic costume. You can achieve this look by pairing a simple dress with headphones, sunglasses and a crown. 

14. Elle Woods, “Legally Blonde” 

Elle Woods is an iconic costume, especially for blondes. Her pink bunny Halloween costume or full-pink law school outfits are perfect for channeling our inner Elle Woods. Match the look with a stuffed animal Bruiser. Remember to quote laws to people all night because, “What? Like it’s hard?”

15. Padme Amidala, “Star Wars”

Padme Amidala is a strong female character to dress up as. She’s a baddie, and she knows it. Pair some white pants with a white crop top to dress as Padme’s classic all-white look. Finish off the look with a black gun. 

16. Lara Croft, “Tomb Raider” 

Like Padme, Lara Croft is another example of an empowering female to dress for Halloween. This costume requires a white bra top, green cargo shorts and a gun holster. This outfit is the perfect mix between seductive and comfortable for a night out. 

17. Kim Possible, “Kim Possible”

The original undercover spy, Kim Possible, is a comfortable and brilliant Halloween costume this year. Green cargo pants with a crop top are all you need. This look is excellent for both redheads and brunettes, and it can become a couple’s or duo costume by adding either Ron or Shego.

18. Daisy Jones, “Daisy Jones and The Six”

Want the ‘70s look but don’t want to dress in the basic, overdone disco dress? Daisy Jones is the perfect, charismatic character to dress as this Halloween. Wavy, undone hair, a simple makeup look, fringe and a corduroy jacket are the way to go. This look looks beautiful and stylish, just like Daisy. 

19. Wednesday Addams, “Wednesday”

Just in time for Halloween, Wednesday Adams is the perfect costume for the spooky season. This gothic look can be achieved with a lacy black dress, veil and dark eyeshadow. This look is sexy and scary, a true blend of gothic glam.

20. Nina Sayers, “Black Swan”

If you are looking for a more dramatic costume, Nina Sayers is the perfect idea for you. Nina Sayers, the black swan, is an elegant yet disturbing costume. You need a black tutu ballet dress with white stockings and white and black face paint for this look. 

21. Naomi Lapaglia, “Wolf of Wall Street”

For the iconic look of the stunning wife of the Wolf of Wall Street, Naomi Lapaglia, all that are required are the iconic cross-front blue dress, black sunglasses and heels. This costume can be turned into a couple’s costume if you include Jordan Belfort. 

22. Mia Wallace, “Pulp Fiction” 

Speaking of iconic wives, another woman to portray this holiday is Mia Wallace from “Pulp Fiction.” Mia Wallace is a great idea for someone with a black bob or someone willing to commit to a black wig. This outfit is relatively simple. Wear an oversized white button-up shirt paired with black pants to recreate her look. To top the whole look off, you can include a faux cigarette. 

23. Ms. Frizzle, “The Magic School Bus” 

Finally, you can recreate the character that influenced your whole childhood. To dress as Ms. Frizzle, wear a dress with a patterned print of a solar system. You can finish the look off with her companion, Liz the Lizard. This costume works best for gingers but is recognizable enough to pull off with any hair color. 

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