Students report simple battery at City Diner

Tess Riley, News Editor [email protected]

At 2:14 a.m. on Nov. 9, students reported an incident of simple battery to Tulane University Police Department. 

One male student and two female students were eating at City Diner when three female students from Loyola started yelling obscenities towards them because the male student was wearing a pro-Donald Trump shirt. 

One of the female Loyola students slapped the male student in the face. 

The Tulane students left City Diner and the Loyola students followed them towards Freret Street. The same female Loyola student who slapped the male Tulane student then pushed one of the female Tulane students. 

Officers located the students in front of Loyola University. The student suspect from Loyola was issued a municipal summons and all three Loyola students were issued Restricted Presence letters. 

The reporting students both wished to pursue charges but declined medical aid.  Neither student appeared injured.

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