Instagram accounts parody Tulane life

Bryce Berman, Staff Reporter

“Only at Tulane, only in New Orleans” rings true again with Tulane social media parody accounts that feature some of the school’s happenings, stories and legends. Last year, The Arcade investigated accounts across Twitter, but there are a host of platforms full of Tulane jokes to be explored.

Most know Instagram to be a log of pretty lattes at hipster cafes or pictures of crazy nights out, but those looking for a change to this classic feed should look no further than Tulane’s very own student-run parody accounts.

To chronicle Tulane students’ nights out, there’s an Instagram account called @tulanebruises. The account, just created last week, features photos of bruises submitted by followers. Of course, there was an upload on Nov. 1 with a collage of six bruises to commemorate the great fun that is Halloween in New Orleans and to create solidarity in the commonly asked question, “where did that bruise come from?” 

Of course, no one can forget the Bruff parody accounts, of which there are multiple that arise each year. The satirical Instagram account @xoxo.bruff features some of students’ greatest creations and memories in the dining hall, such as Cram Jam and Ms. Joyce’s birthday celebration as well as some unflattering pictures of breakfast sausage.

A favorite in the realm of Bruff Instagram accounts is @bruffstuff2lane, a satirical foodie account with 185 followers and 67 pictures of plates after they have been mixed and half-devoured by students, along with the classic foodie hashtags, “#foodporn” and “eeeeeeats.”  There is certainly no shortage of Bruff #superfans at Tulane. 

Cow Cat, the campus legend who resides on Tulane’s academic quad also has his own Instagram account called @mickeythecampuscat. Thought this may come as a shock to some, his name is actually Mickey, not Cow Cat. The account is perhaps one of the most popular of the Tulane parody accounts, with frequent posts and more than 700 followers. The pictures feature Cow Cat trying on a pair of sunglasses, relaxing by the water bowl — while reminding his followers to stay hydrated — and catching a bike thief in the act. 

For those looking to spice up their Instagram or Twitter feeds with some humor, Tulane has plenty of parody accounts run by students, like @isthebootpoppin, @tulanebruises, @xoxo.bruff, @bruffstufftulane and @mickeythecampuscat, that are sure to do so. Get following.

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