Trader Joe’s opens first store in New Orleans metro area


Trader Joe’s opened its first store in the New Orleans Metropolitan Area two weeks ago. With fair prices and great products, it’s well worth the drive.

Laurel Ettinger, Contributing Reporter

Just a 45-minute shuttle ride away, a new Trader Joe’s has opened in Metairie. This supermarket is just that: super. With reasonable prices, delicious frozen foods and lots of snacking options, Trader Joe’s shoppers will never run out of new things to try while maintaining their budget. It runs between a WinnDixie and Whole Foods in terms of prices, as well as what it carries. Shopping here is perfect for dorm snacks, study group munchies and even non-food items such as cleaning and bathroom supplies.

The microwavable mac and cheese cannot be missed. With multiple types of cheeses and classic elbow pasta, this dish brings up feelings of nostalgia of younger years. It is also the perfect size to share with your roommate. Pro-tip: buy frozen peas and mix them in to make your dish a little more flavorful.  

Those who have tried it know cookie butter is a dangerous addiction. This biscuit spread comes in classic smooth, crunchy and a cookie/cocoa swirl. If you have never tried this before, stay away from it as long as you can. Whether it’s put on fruit or eaten plain, this is a go-to dessert. For only $3.69, one jar will likely last no more than four days.  

While there is an abundance of unhealthy snacks, Trader Joe’s also caters to those who are more health-conscious. There is a wide assortment of dried fruit, nuts and trail mixes. These are available in convenient bags of 12 individual, single-serving packets, which are perfect for those 10-minute breaks between classes.  

While the packaged items are great, one area where Trader Joe’s does fall short is its produce section. If your weekly shopping trip is planned with produce in mind, this is not the place for you. There is a limited produce section, but unfortunately it is overpriced ($1.50 for one avocado) and either too ripe or not ripe enough. Another possible downside is that everything is Trader Joe’s brand. Instead of Oreos, you get Jo Jo’s. There are no Cheerios, but there are Honey Nut O’s. This is not the place to go for a specific name brand.

The line that wraps itself around the entire store is an expected cost of visiting the popular chain. Trader Joe’s has a unique system of having a single line for all seven registers, in an effort to avoid congestion at the front of the store. Do not fear, as it moves fairly quickly, and waits don’t usually surpass five minutes. The cashiers are friendly, fast-paced and helpful. 

With fun party foods, quick treats and endless options, Trader Joe’s has variety and value. Check it out, your stomach and wallet will thank you. 

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