TUPD offers safety resources for students

Tulane University provides an adequate amount of resources to keep its students safe when they are off campus.

Living in a city with one of the highest crime rates in the country already makes our community aware of crime rates. Events like the recent burglaries have only reinforced that, which has made many students nervous. Tulane University Police Department, however, has made arrests for every one of those burglaries, showing its dedication to keeping every part of the Tulane community safe. Additionally, it provides an extensive list of services intended to keep students safe.

The inherent risk of crime is always present in any city, but the efforts being made to provide these services is both incredibly important and commendable. Taking advantage of such services is equally important.

Gold Zone, for example, transports students to their residences or vehicles within a one-mile radius of campus. The service runs every day from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m., allowing students a free alternative to services like Uber and ensuring that no student has to walk home alone at night. For a student walking alone, there is no better option.

Along similar lines, RAVE Guardian is an app that allows students who choose to walk home alone to have a virtual escort. The app asks users to input identifying information and to set a timer that they deactivate when they reach their destination. If they fail to disable the timer and it goes off, the app notifies TUPD immediately. The quicker TUPD is aware of a student in danger, the sooner it can act.

TUPD also provides personal escorts to any on- and off-campus locations within a one-mile radius of campus 24/7. Dozens of Emergency “Blue Light” phones/cameras can be found on campus, along with maps that highlight the safest walking routes on both the Uptown and Downtown campuses.

Tulane gives students options to fit a variety of safety needs, and ensures that students still have access to safety resources even if they choose to move off campus. Students should not hesitate to take advantage of these resources. TUPD works tirelessly to keep students safe.

As we do not have control over where and when crime happens, we owe it to our community and to ourselves to be aware of these resources and use them to keep safe.

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