The Head and the Heart to perform in support of new album, “Signs of Light”

Annabelle Golden, Contributing Reporter

Alternative rock, indie-folk band The Head and the Heart are set to perform Oct. 26 at the Civic Theatre, a special treat for Tulane students and the greater New Orleans community. 

The band just released its third album, “Signs of Light,” its first release under the band’s new record deal with Warner Bros. Records. The album will be less than two months old when the band takes the stage in New Orleans, one of the earlier dates on their world tour.

“Signs of Light” came together after the band took a brief hiatus following four years of non-stop touring. Each of the band’s six members took the time off as to pursue a new adventure.

Lead vocalist Jonathan Russell found new inspiration volunteering in Haiti. Charity Rose Theilen, vocalist and instrumentalist, used her time to practice her compositional talents.

This much-needed time off, and the maturation that the band members went through, helped shape the tone for “Signs of Light.” The newfound stride of passion and inspiration can be heard through out the entire album. “Signs of Light,” in contrast with the band’s earlier albums, is faithful to the alternative rock side of its sound.

The lead single off this album, “All We Ever Knew,” is loyal to the lyrical sing-along nature of the band’s earlier songs, but also heads in a new direction with the present electric-guitar sound.

From the love-struck, ageless ballad “Dreamer,” to the smile-inducing, nod-along melody “Rhythm and Blues,” the album covers all corners.

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