Cherub embraces New Orleans and its fans with open arms, free drinks

Jordan Figueredo, Senior Staff Reporter

Electric blend bands FRENSHIP and Cherub threw a wild party Sunday night at the House of Blues. The Bleed Gold, Piss Excellence tour, headlined by the latter duo, finally made its way to New Orleans, with opening act FRENSHIP kicking off the show.

“It was a pretty receptive crowd [and] we couldn’t have asked for a better first tour,” FRENSHIP frontman James Sunderland said. “[Jordan and Jason] are super supportive of us. They drink a lot, they party a lot and it’s just a good time. We try to keep up, that’s really it.”

FRENSHIP is an up-and-coming band that has gained traction, especially with its song “Capsize,” and is excited to see where the tour leads.  

“I mean the cocky side of me sees arenas,” Sunderland said. “I got into this because I love it, obviously, but I’m gunning for arena status. This isn’t just a hobby.”

The perfomance was mellow, with a lot of crowd interaction. Sunderland’s favorite part was hearing their music sung back to them, describing the show in New Orleans as an incredible experience.

When FRENSHIP’s set ended, the lights dimmed and everyone began eagerly awaiting Cherub. The show never lost steam, due to bands coming out right on time, thus not leaving the audience waiting for too long. Cherub was about 10 minutes later than planned, but fans did not seem to take issue with the short wait.

Jason Huber and Jordan Kelley, who make up Cherub, walked on stage and immediately began their performance. From the first note the crowd went wild. Cherub fed off that energy, creating a lively experience. Everyone in the venue was smiling and singing along.

Kelley and Huber maintained constant interaction with the crowd, making sure everyone stayed engaged. Their singing and instrumentals reverberated through House of Blues flawlessly. There were no gimmicks or facades during the performance – the focus was strictly on the music.

The set list included music from Cherub’s first album, “MoM and DaD” as well as from it’s more recent album, “Year of Caprese,” but no fear, it did not forget about the hit that made the group so well known, “Doses and Mimosas.” As an added treat, the duo also played several songs from its new album “Bleed Gold, Piss Excellence,” which comes out Oct. 14.

The music was not the only focus for the show, however. Both members made sure to talk to the crowd and joke around with the audience.

“This is a really special opportunity that we’re really lucky to have,” Huber said. 

There was never a lull in the performance; they went from song to song with no break and looked as if they were having more fun than the crowd. Holding beers on stage, flirting with girls in the front row and constantly moving – it was an incredible performance.

Fans were left shouting for “Doses and Mimosas” when the set list was over, and when the group came back to perform it, the concert ended on a truly high note. As the famous chorus began, confetti began to fall from up above and it was the quintessential moment of a Cherub concert. There were no superfluous stunts needed – just an amazing experience with great music and a wild time.

When the concert ended, most people expected just to go home, until Cherub and FRENSHIP announced they would be hanging around to meet their fans.

Huber and Kelley were instantly swarmed by girls and guys wanting both photos and phone numbers, and Sunderland even offered to buy drinks for some fans. They both took it all in stride and truly enjoyed getting the chance to meet their fans.

Cherub came to New Orleans with the goal of throwing a crazy party Sunday night where everyone would enjoy themselves.

“I hope for the same thing at every show and that is that any person that buys a ticket to the show feels like they got their money’s worth and had a good time, hopefully made some new friends and leave feeling good, feeling like they had a f––g  blast,” Kelley said. 

Cherub did so with upbeat energy, an incredible opening act and a stage presence that was unbeatable. They showed the audience that concerts do not need visuals, costume changes or backup dancers to be amazing, just a love for the music and a passion for what they are doing, as well as being their own biggest fans.

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