GRiZ proves “Good Will Prevail” with new album

Luke Bravo, Contributing Reporter

On Sept. 23, electronica, blues, funk and soul came together in a neat package with the release of GRiZ’s new album, “Good Will Prevail.”

To kick off his latest collection of work, “Wicked” opens with a wide sonic atmosphere, inhabited by whining trumpet fanfare and a solemn vocal lament. As the song rhythmically marches through its buildup, electronic sounds phase in and out. Just as the song seems to step over the one-way threshold into dubstep wobbles and robotic yodeling, the song takes a full turn and smooth, bluesy guitar riffs take the lead. 

This pleasant juxtaposition of electronic dance music motifs with soulful vocals, funky guitar flourishes and sultry, New Orleans big-band-esque trumpet lines, is what GRiZ’s latest release brings to the table.

The album progresses with songs featuring rock and roll guitar noodling—so genuine as to call to mind the blues that Stevie Ray Vaughan shredded on his Fender Stratocaster—accented with big electronic percussion. The songs “Can’t Hold Me Down” and “My Friends and I” exhibit perfectly the kind of coexistence GRiZ can bring different genres of music into.

GRiZ shows off a talent for instrumentation, as he fuses archetypal, yet fresh takes on traditional jazz, rock, blues and funk with electronic dance music. The combination he puts together for his listener is an exciting melting pot of style that pays worthy homage to the different roots of contemporary pop music, while staying a step ahead of the mainstream music scene and keeping listeners bobbing their heads and singing along.

The lattice of contrasting sound that saturates “Good Will Prevail” can only be put into words to a certain extent. GRiZ’s work needs to be experienced firsthand to gain a true appreciation for where this kind of mashup of style can take music. Songs like “Feelin’ Fine” and “PS GFY” are easily accessible with a bias towards funk and blues while the next track “What We’ve Become” tends more towards house music.

Each track offers little surprises in the form of unexpected blends of genres from opposite ends of the spectrum. Neither old nor new dominates the show in GRiZ’s work. Opposites come together in “Good Will Prevail” to consistently dazzle and excite.

GRiZ is able to create new work by pulling inspiration from old. The 26-year-old musician has described his sound as “future-funk,” and this apt label promises very good vibes for the years to come in his music.

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