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Laura Sibert

Several student groups on campus will spend their spring breaks by constructing buildings, helping children in schools and working on national park trails.

Freshman Julia Turkevich will travel to Honduras with the Global Architecture Brigade to set the foundations for a medical center outside of Tegucigalpa. The center, which was designed by students of the University of Texas in Austin, will be located in a growing area that has a newly-built school and will soon have a community center.

“I feel like what I will learn is relevant in so many areas,” Turkevich said.

Sophomore Sara Williams will go to Port-au-Prince, Haiti with Chi Alpha, a Tulane Christian fellowship group. The group will build school benches and spend time with children in an orphanage.

Williams, a public health major, said that she is looking forward to going to rural areas outside of Port-au-Prince to help missionaries give medication to sick children who have worms.

“Serving others is the most meaningful way that I could possibly spend my spring break,” Williams said. “I think it’s more fun to get to go and serve other people and do something that you can really feel like you’ve made a difference in some small way.”

Sophomore Jessalyn Kunz will go on a trip organized by Tulane Alternative Breaks to the Smoky Mountain National Park in Tennessee, where she and her group will help with trail maintenance. On the way, they are planning to make a stop at an organic farm to volunteer.

“I’m looking forward to seeing a more pristine, natural aspect of things and getting in touch with nature,” Kunz said.

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