Cherub brings original style, sound to New Orleans Sunday

Chloe Christian, Staff Reporter

Planning to party on a Sunday night, Cherub can be considered against the grain in respects that extend beyond its music.

At 7 p.m.  Sunday, the House of Blues is hosting the electronic-indie band Cherub. The duo, including members Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber, is set to take the stage following opening acts FRENSHIP and Boo Seeka.

The band Cherub has skyrocketed in popularity ever since its hit album “MoM & DaD” in 2012. With a unique sound and contagious energy, Cherub’s audience ranges from fans of electronic music to rock and roll, as well as an alternative and indie crowd. Although its music has many eclectic influences, the duo has succeeded at making its sound purely and distinctively its own.

Since the release of “MoM & DaD,” Cherub has toured the country performing its latest album, 2014’s “Year of the Caprese.” This album reflected a new side of Cherub, as there was a clear evolution in its music into new and upbeat sounds, capturing the current trend of electronica, but also the ballads and beauty of songwriting.

Recently, Cherub released its new, gravitating singles “Sensation” and “Signs,” featuring a collaboration with a verse from T.I. With a vibrant beat and electronic energy, Cherub has continued its successful streak of producing such bangers.

The most unique and special quality about Cherub, however, is its connection with and consideration of fans. Encouraging communication and demonstrating gratitude for its success, Cherub has used its fame and growth in the music industry as a way to connect with its fanbase.

A rare trait in the music industry, both Kelley and Huber express sincere interest in making concerts a carefree and encompassing atmosphere. This kindness and gratitude qualifies Cherub’s members as a unique type of rockstars, classifying the duo not only as talented musicians, but also genuine, modest individuals. To attend a concert with such special relationship with the artists is any fan’s dream.

When reflecting on their college experiences, Kelley and Huber remark on college’s unique ability to foster connections and teach networking skills.

“[My university was] really smart in networking, putting all the recording majors in the same dormitory,” Kelley said. “Everyone in the band currently, including our tour manager, met at [Middle Tennessee State University]. The networking skills I learned and the relationships we made in college were totally worth going.”

Huber spoke of his own appreciation of attending college. Booking concerts on campus and working for the student programming board, Huber acknowledged college’s ability to open doors.

“The experiences in the concert world we were able to gain were invaluable to the beginning of our career,” Huber said. “Learning how everything worked within the industry at a younger age gave us a realistic perspective on how the world works.”

With respect to Cherub’s upcoming concert at the House of Blues, the band looks forward to performing “Freaky Me, Freaky You,” from “Year of the Caprese” as well as its new, unreleased song, “Very Rare.” The electric feel from both songs radiates the band’s style, amplified to get a crowd going.

Growing up in Nashville, Cherub’s style is different than the city’s beloved country music industry, though similar in some respects. The band maintains appreciation of Nashville for its distinctive taste in country, and how the city has helped Kelley and Huber grow as artists.

“Nashville greatly influenced us in their strong dedication to songwriting,” Huber said. “We have verses, we have hooks, we have bridges. It helps us be more professional songwriters as a whole. If we were in Brooklyn or in L.A, there’s a lot going on there, a lot of other bands. … In Nashville, we get to stick out like a sore thumb, which isn’t the worse thing in the world. Nashville as a whole has been very supportive of us throughout our career.”

Ultimately, Cherub possesses a unique energy, from the welcoming personality of its members to the eclectic and unparalleled music it creates. By seeing Cherub in concert, any fan will get a holistic and exciting experience.

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