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Alessandro Powell

Dozens of Tulane students chose to celebrate Valentine’s Day inthe Lavin-Bernick Center’s Qatar Ballroom by attending the”Hooking-up and the Secrets of Sexual Pleasure” lecture, featuringcertified sex educator, Dr. Logan Levkoff.

Levkoff discussed the importance of sexual pleasure, safety andequality. The Center for Wellness and Health Promotion sponsoredthe event.

“We all want to be able to share pleasure in this world ofsexual insanity,” Levkoff said.

Her talk addressed the level of sexual repression in Americansociety. She said the old-fashioned sex education of the past is nolonger applicable to the modern world.

“The movies taught women to stay clean,” Levkoff said. “As if wewere naturally dirty.”

Levkoff criticized the younger generation’s reliance ontechnology. She complained that young people have lost the art ofmeaningful, face-to-face communication.

“I look at a lot of my past relationships,” sophomore HunterTunmire said. “Making a phone call was considered special. It’sscary.”

Levkoff challenged the clich?© that only men desire sex. Levkoffwent on to criticize the “friends with benefits” relationshipstatus, Facebook relationship statuses and alcohol induced sex.

“If you are under the influence you cannot consent,” Levkoffsaid.

Junior Mat Feimuth said he was not happy with Levkoff’stalk.

“As someone who has taken multiple gender and sexuality classes,I found the talk very superficial and cutesy,” Feimuth said.

Other students said they liked the presentation.

“I found it invigorating and informative,” Tunmire said.


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