New lineup, new game: baseball aims high this season


Baseball takes on fall training under new head coach Travis Jewett, who welcomes 15 new players to the team.

Chandler Daddario, Staff Reporter

Travis Jewett finished his first week of fall training this week as new head coach of Tulane baseball. His addition to the Green Wave coaching staff brought a fresh mindset to the team, which generated excitement throughout practice.

“You know, the thing is that I love being around them…,” Jewett said. “With them being new, even if they’re old because of the new situation, the kids are out here busting their tails. They have got good spirit.”

Jewett welcomed 15 freshmen this year, accounting for the majority of the Wave’s roster. The transition from high school to college can be difficult for any student, but for an athlete transitioning to college athletics, the process is even more daunting.

Jewett said he will rely on the veteran players to set an example for the new players and is excited to watch them grow.

“I am trying to make sure they feel included,” Jewett said. “I tell these guys all the time that this is not a culture where we believe in division. I actually believe the older kids are more responsible for doing things and showing the way because they are older, more experienced, more knowing… [The new players] are doing great, for the most part, keeping their eyes and ears open.”

Typically, fall training is a low-stress environment for players and a perfect time to improve the fundamentals of baseball. With a new head coach, however, everyone is fighting for a starting position this season. For the freshmen and potential walk-ons, this environment is even more taxing.

The coaching staff has made it clear they are evaluating the players’ performances along with their attitudes.

“We are still in an evaluation stage,” Jewett said. “I told the kids I am evaluating a lot more than just how they field, run, throw and hit. I’m engaging their personalities…. We are trying to create a culture here that is a legacy team type of deal…The sky is the limit… I just want to get after it every day and invest hard.”

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