Cat Mafia Comedy opens the semester with weekend show


Brandi Doyal, Senior Staff Reporter

Cat Mafia Comedy opened this school year with a mixture of their favorite skits from the past and some new ones in “Riley’s Rocks 2: The Squeakquel.” 

The show, while under an hour, featured 10 skits ranging in length. In the 8 p.m. showing on Friday night, there were few moments when the room was not ringing with laughter.

Cat Mafia Comedy president Jordan Fried said he was pleased by the turnout.

“We had around 85 people at every show, packed like sardines in the sauna that was the Lab Theatre [located in Elleonora P. McWilliams Hall],” Fried said. “Especially for the 10:30 p.m. shows each night, we had a very warm room, figuratively and literally.”

Perhaps one of the most awkward and funny performances of the night “Boy’s Sleepover” featured four high schoolers arguing about the correct way to pleasure a girl. The argument and awkwardness of some men, who have obviously never engaged in any of the acts, contrasted with some advice from Mom made everyone laugh.  

Other notable moments include “Simple Robbery,” which featured some great scripting, when the actress referred to the robber as “the guy from the emails.”

Cat Mafia Comedy still has some growing to do, as some skits were difficult to understand at first, such as “Awkward Shuffle,” which divulged into a ballroom dance without much context if you were sitting further towards the back and didn’t catch the muffled words. 

While the show was a success, it had its fair share of obstacles to reach that point, as the recent graduating class took some of the veteran comics with it.

“We lost a lot of seniors in May who have been a big part of the group for the last three years, so this show was terrifying but exhilarating,” Fried said. “It felt odd to be performing with such a different group, but I think that the people who haven’t been as prominent in the past really stepped up and stole the show. The group really came together and got me very excited for the future.”

The show ended with a call for auditions, which will take place on Wednesday and Thursday in the Lab Theater. 

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