LBC reveals new food, fresh design


The new food court in the Lavin-Bernick Center for University Life features some options from the old restaurants and some healthy replacements.

Parker Greenwood, Contributing Reporter

Anyone who attended Tulane in previous years would notice that something is different with the Lavin-Bernick Center for University Life. Even those new to Tulane may take note of how nice things look inside. This is particularly noticeable with regards to the new food court.

While some restaurants remain, Tulane Dining Services chose to replace others. Those familiar with the LBC will recognize made-over establishments such as Freshens, Wall of Greens, Simply to Go, Tsunami Sushi, WOW Cafe and Pickles.

Pickles only opened last year, adding to the list of restaurants available. Newcomers to the food court include Panera Bread, Zatarain’s, Star Ginger and Al Fuego.

“I thought it was a nice change,” Tulane sophomore Isa Gutierrez said. “It definitely looks a lot better.”

One push for the redesign came from a desire for an updated area to eat. This setup has gotten rid of many of the restaurants that were less popular among students. Paige Pielet, a member of the dining advisory board, said that she will miss Byblos.

Nevertheless, at first glance, the Tulane community is generally content with the changes.

Panda Express’s absence is one of the largest complaints about the new setup. The replacement for Panda, Star Ginger, however, offers a fresher model that allows for more variety, as it is not limited to Chinese food. The changes are also a part of promoting environmental sustainability. 

“[Star Ginger is] definitely a more environmentally friendlier business to deal with,” Jose Fuentes, a marketing specialist for Sodexo and Tulane alumnus said. 

Part of the elimination of certain businesses and the additions of others had to do with contracts, as well as input from students on the dining advisory board, since they had to try much of the food. Sodexo made sure to conduct many focus groups in the decision making process.

Once the school year has picked up a bit, the plan is to have more research groups for continued improvement. New students to Tulane bring new ideas and will hopefully continue this trend. So far, things have been successful, as the vendors, students and faculty have been giving positive feedback.

“I think it looks beautiful,” Liza Matthew, a Sodexo employee who works in the LBC food court, said. “I love it.”

A highlight of the court is Panera, which serves as a replacement for Einstein’s Bagels. Breakfast fans may want to stop at Panera for the egg white and avocado sandwich. For those searching for something at dinner time, Al Fuego has phenomenal steak.

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