Letter From the Views Editor: Calling for conservative voices

Kathryne LeBell, Views Editor

The Views section, as with all other sections of The Tulane Hullabaloo, has a commitment to providing accurate and relevant information to the Tulane community. This year promises to be an eventful one for all members of the Tulane community.

Looking ahead, we are about to fully enter one of the most controversial presidential election seasons in recent history. Events throughout the United States threaten the health and security of Americans, while others build up towards the betterment of the planet.

This is an exciting time to live.

In a historic context, the role of the newspaper is to act as a time capsule, preserving the viewpoints of those living through the larger events that make it into textbooks. The Views section is one such forum, a place where our community members can present alternating viewpoints. Now, people can look to the Views section to express their own opinions on current events or to find information to support their existing beliefs. In the future, historians might look to the Views section to understand the conflicts that governed our viewpoints.

Tulane University, as with many other college campuses, is a predominately liberal school. In providing the services mentioned, Views and The Hullabaloo hope to reach out to conservative voices and bring their messages into the fold.

The number of people holding a viewpoint does not make that viewpoint any more or less valid. To present a comprehensive look at what is affecting us now and how people feel about it, the Views section must represent all points of view.

Moving forward, we will likely see a large number of shocking political events and social upheaval. This is a call for anyone who feels as if their voice is not being represented in popular media. The Views section is available to all, a place to make your opinion clear and to potentially help inform someone else’s.

Echo chambers, where all those involved in an organization believe the same, are neither constructive nor productive. Congratulating one another for believing the same thing allows stagnation to occur. Discussion is the vehicle for more complex beliefs and the first step to making real change and compromise.

As we go into the 2016-17 academic year, I hope more consider the importance of sharing their views. Though the section might appear to cater exclusively to the left, I wish to make it absolutely clear that all are welcome. Your opinion is valid, necessary and, above all, valued. 

Kathryne is a senior at Newcomb-Tulane College. She can be reached at [email protected].

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