The Tulane Hullabaloo

Queue: Best of British

Tyler Mead, Senior Staff Reporter

April 9, 2017

Despite the current golden era of television, it's nice to take a departure from our country's programming. A peek across the pond reveals a rich comedy culture in the United Kingdom, and provides a convenient Brexit, from the usual American hits. The Great British Baking Show: 5/5 PBS insists on calli...

H Jon Benjamin’s comedic voice stands above

Larry Murphy (left) and H Jon Benjamin (right) performed at McAlister Auditorium Wednesday March 22.

Tyler Mead, Senior Staff Reporter

March 27, 2017

The voice of international super spy Sterling Archer, burger man Bob Belcher and a can of mixed vegetables, H. Jon Benjamin performed March 22 in McAlister Auditorium and brought new material which was different from any of those characters. Benjamin talked to Tulane about his favorite sex shop,...

Cardinal Sons to unveil new music in weekend concert series

Photo courtesy of Flatland Productions

Jordan Figueredo, Senior Staff Reporter

March 24, 2017

Propelling the alternative and indie rock scene in New Orleans, a city centered on jazz and funk, is no easy feat. For Cardinal Sons, however, the challenge proves worthwhile. The Shirley brothers, John, Joe and Dave, from Jackson, Mississippi, graduated from Loyola University with degrees in Marketing,...

Queue: Cartoons aren’t just for Kids

Jordan Figueredo, Senior Staff Reporter

March 21, 2017

Cartoons are not just for children. Adults too can enjoy sitting in their pajamas with a bowl of cereal on Saturday morning letting hours pass watching cartoons. With innuendos and jokes that go over the heads of the younger viewers, cartoons are for adults and children alike. Cartoons have the power...

‘Beauty and the Beast’ remains relevant, fan favorite

beauty beast emma watson

Brandi Doyal, Senior Staff Reporter

March 18, 2017

"Be Our Guest" Disney invites us to return to the magic of a "tale as old as time." Through nostalgic costuming, cutting-edge special effects and inspired musical direction, "Beauty and the Beast" truly is a story that lasts a lifetime. Stacking up to the original was a tall order for director Bill...

Queue: Dark Suspense

Nurah Lambert, Associate Arcade Editor

March 11, 2017

The world can be a dark place, and when art imitates life, you get eerie television shows. Not only are they somber in theme, but the color schemes are just as shady. While these selections may not be as easy to access as those in the Netflix catalog, they deserve the extra effort. Based around looming...

The Arcade’s rundown of Academy Award predictions

Taylor Coley, Contributing Reporter

February 25, 2017

On Feb. 26, Jimmy Kimmel will host the 89th Oscars. Following the #OscarsSoWhite controversy, this year's Academy Awards finds itself celebrating diversity in every major category. It is a close race, as each nominee is deserving of the gold statue, but who will take home the prize? "La La Land" is a...

Queue: Netflix Original Thriller Series

Kathryne LeBell, Senior Staff Writer

February 23, 2017

Netflix has made quite the name for itself, producing a varied selection of original shows. Critically-acclaimed series like "Orange Is the New Black" and "Stranger Things" have brought in a loyal fanbase. This medium also allows for more thematic freedom and, to be frank, fairly realistic violence....

Queue: Dark comedies

Parker Greenwood, Arcade Associate Editor

February 19, 2017

You are sitting in bed after an especially long day and want to watch something, but you don't have time for a movie. As a matter of fact, you don't even have time for a 40-minute-long show and all the emotional turmoil it would entail. It's just been one of those days, and you're seeking something to...

The Broad Theater reimagines look, feel of movie theaters

The Broad Theater's mix of mainstream, experimental and indie films appeals to a wide variety of movie-goers in the Mid-City area. The theater, less than a year old, stands out through its industrial interior and intimate screening rooms.

Julia Glass, Contributing Reporter

February 16, 2017

While AMC theaters are usually the go-to when spending a night out at the movies, New Orleans has local options that are not only more convenient but also more interesting. As with other institutions, the city breaks the mold on conventional theater design and operation. The Broad Theater offers...

Netflix Queue: Hidden Gems

Sydne Klein, Staff Reporter

February 13, 2017

For every time a person may consult Netflix for a classic re-watch of "Pulp Fiction," there lies a hidden trove of entirely underrated yet satisfying film selections. Aside from the fact that Netflix still does not offer any of the four "Bloodsport" movies, the site offers an impressive collectio...

Zeitgeist to show Ben Lear’s documentary on juvenile offenders

Luo Qi Kong, Staff Reporter

February 5, 2017

From Feb. 3 to Feb. 8, Zeitgeist Multidisciplinary Arts Center will be showing director and producer Ben Lear's documentary "They Call Us Monsters." The film examines the legislation that allows juvenile offenders to be charged as adults, centered on three teenagers potentially confronting life sentences. The...