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Tulane policy still fails to address sexual violence


Lily Lazarus, Contributing Writer

February 19, 2020

Lily runs the sexual violence support group for Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity. Following the 2017 Climate Assessment, Tulane launched the Wave of Change initiative in 2018. The initiative was an attempt to combat sexual violence through education and prevention programming, workshops and panels, promis...

A history of alcohol at Tulane: From Prohibition to No. 1 Party School

Gibson Hall houses senior level administration, the Office of Undergraduate Admission and the School of Continuing Studies.

Canela López, Senior Staff Reporter

September 13, 2018

It is no secret that the relationship between Tulane University and alcohol consumption has been closely scrutinized in recent years. From its location in New Orleans, a city known in part for festivals and having more bars per capita than any other US city, to its 2017 Princeton Review Ranking as the nation’s No. 1 Party Schoo...

Tulane administration’s hypocrisy on partying needs to stop

Tulane administration's hypocrisy on partying needs to stop

Jon Krantz, Staff Writer

September 6, 2018

Unfortunately, Tulane has recently suffered a great loss: we no longer hold our coveted title of top party school in the country. We have been relegated to third place, losing out to University of Delaware and West Virginia University. This tragedy must come as good news to the Tulane administration...

Tulane’s drinking problem is a national issue, not the administration’s fault

Tulane's drinking problem is a national issue, not the administration's fault

Matt Saletta, Editor of the Views Section

September 6, 2018

Tulane’s new policies regarding underage drinking have revived an old debate about how universities should address student drinking. The negative impacts of binge drinking are real and deserve to be taken seriously. Any actions taken by the administration will be useless until we acknowledge the strange,...

Letter from the Editors: how Tulane came to be the No. 1 Party School in the nation

Lily Milwit and Canela Lopez

September 28, 2017

As many of our readers may have noticed, this issue of The Hullabaloo tackles the theme of drinking on and off our campus. Our News section this week covers the administration's response to binge drinking and substance abuse, the root causes of Tulane's pervasive party culture and what it means ...

Greek life reexamines core values, role in Tulane partying

Greek life reexamines core values, role in Tulane partying

Cam Lutz and Carrigan English

September 28, 2017

When it comes to nightlife at Tulane, many students often closely associate Greek organizations with drinking and partying. With Tulane's status as The Princeton Review's No. 1 party school in the nation, some students are concerned Greek life has lost sight of its core values. "It's a scary thing to k...

Students, administration both must play part in alcohol safety

Students, administration both must play part in alcohol safety

Pratiksha Parulekar, Associate Views Editor

September 28, 2017

By now, most students have seen the signs reading, "Tulanians, You Choose," on every quad, urging them to make responsible decisions about alcohol. Some seriously consider them. Most just scoff at them and walk away. Just days after the "You Choose" campaign was introduced, Tulanians had to walk away...

Shifting the Paradigm educates on sexual assault, lacks discussion

President Michael Fitts addresses the crowd at the start of Shifting the Paradigm, held at 7 p.m. on Tuesday at Kendall Cram Lecture Hall.

Adrienne Underwood and Story Sullivan

September 21, 2017

"Sexual violence impacts all of us. And we can do something about it," the flyer for the third annual Shifting the Paradigm event reads. Hosted by Title IX at Tulane and Tulane Campus Health, the event aimed to combat rape culture on campus by educating students about issues surrounding sexual assaul...

Fitts, Hertz pen “Special Message” on alcohol, substance abuse

Colin Threlkeld, Senior Staff Reporter

September 19, 2017

In an email sent on Monday to all administrators, faculty, staff and students, Tulane President Michael Fitts and Doug Hertz, chair of the Tulane Board of Trustees, jointly issued "A Special Message on Alcohol and Drug Abuse." Acknowledging Tulane's "almost unique reputation as an academically prestigious...

Kappa Sigma Tulane chapter closed until 2020 following several conduct violations

Alpha Delta Pi is negotating a lease with Kappa Sigma Housing Corporation for Kappa Sigma's former house on Broadway Street.

Adrienne Underwood, News Editor

September 6, 2017

Tulane's chapter of Kappa Sigma Fraternity has been closed for its violation of the fraternity's code of conduct. The Supreme Executive Committee of Kappa Sigma Fraternity voted to close Tulane's Sigma Chapter at a July 14 hearing. Mitchell B. Wilson, executive director of Kappa Sigma Fratern...

Stanford’s new alcohol policy encourages harmful norms

Sarah Simon, Views Editor

August 24, 2016

This is an opinion article and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Tulane Hullabaloo.This June, Stanford University student Brock Turner was indicted on five charges relating to his sexual assault of an anonymous female. Brock Turner insisted that the real issue at hand was a culture of binge ...