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Awkward Sex Stories: Laughter is the best medicine (after lube)

Awkward Sex Stories: Laughter is the best medicine (after lube)

Anonymous, Staff Reporter

September 9, 2018

The Tulane Hullabaloo is a nonprofit newsroom that receives no funding from Tulane University. Consider subscribing today to support our mission. It was the first night after I’d come back for my sophomore year. I’d convinced Stephen*, my unofficial boyfriend, that I needed him to stay with ...

Awkward Sex Stories: #highschoolmemories


November 29, 2017

It feels like going home for holidays and breaks has become some sort of game. The objective: How many of my previously platonic friends can I fool around with now that I won't have to face them in the hallways of high school? There is clearly something about the thrill of doing it in your mom's baseme...

Awkward Sex Stories: Mahjong Mommy Mayhem


September 14, 2017

Luke is a pseudonym used in this story to protect my mother's mahjong group dynamic.  I am a big fan of Tinder. I think it's fun to actually follow through and meet up with my matches. So one night this summer, I was messaging with Luke when he asked me to meet up with him for drinks at a bar do...