Awkward Sex Stories: Mahjong Mommy Mayhem


Emily Meyer | Senior Staff Artist

Luke is a pseudonym used in this story to protect my mother’s mahjong group dynamic. 

I am a big fan of Tinder. I think it’s fun to actually follow through and meet up with my matches. So one night this summer, I was messaging with Luke when he asked me to meet up with him for drinks at a bar downtown.

I had nothing else to do, so I slipped on a Boot-worthy outfit and headed out to meet my match. It was a completely normal evening of getting to know someone, and by the end of our time at the bar, we were both pretty hammered.

He offered to call us an Uber to his place, and I agreed. I knew he was older than I was, but I didn’t think he would have his own place. Anyway, 15 minutes later we were pulling up to a house that appeared vaguely familiar to me, but as trashed as I was, I didn’t question it.

As soon as we exited the car, we started hooking up. Luke opened the front door and as soon as we walked in, we heard women’s voices. We immediately stopped and looked up. What we saw I will literally never forget: seven or eight middle-aged women sitting around a dining room table.

As I surveyed the confused faces, I had a sinking feeling. I got to the final faces at the end and saw not only my neighbor, but also my mother. I had just walked in on my mothers bimonthly ladies mahjong group. Drunk. Hooking up with a boy. Who I met on Tinder.

Luckily, my mom found all of this pretty comical, as did the rest of the mahjong women. In the end it all worked out, and funnily enough, Luke and I continued to hook up for the rest of the summer, from then on making sure no one else would be home while doing so, of course.

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