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OPINION | What is Thanksgiving to minorities?

OPINION | What is Thanksgiving to minorities?

Doxey Kamara, Intersections Editor November 18, 2021

Thanksgiving’s origin story claims that the pilgrims, newly arrived to America, shared a peaceful dinner with friendly Native people, who teach the pilgrims how to survive in the “New World”...

thanksgiving and colonization

Reciprocity lost: Thanksgiving’s dark origin

Kennedy Walker and Emrey Broyles November 18, 2020

Each year, on the fourth Thursday of November, families and friends across the U.S. gather to express their gratitude for one another and various aspects of their lives. While this occasion has had...

Tagging dedicated to preserving knowledge of the Bulbancha region. Courtesy of Flickr

Opinion: There is a proper way to celebrate ‘Native American’ Heritage Month

Jewell Prim, Staff Writer November 7, 2018

Every place that Americans exist in is colonized. This land does not belong to anyone who claims to own it because of contracts, land grants or any American process. This is the land of indigenous peoples,...

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