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Broadway, a popular street near campus, is home to many off-campus residencies.

Fire Marshal inspects 30 properties, finds no violations

Olivia Warren, Associate News Editor November 16, 2022

The Louisiana Fire Marshal inspected over 100 rental properties in the Tulane University area from Nov. 1-3 due to neighborhood residents’ complaints. The marshal’s office did not find any “‘life...

OPINION | Whats behind that fire safety email? More than you think.

OPINION | What’s behind that fire safety email? More than you think.

Phoebe Hurwitz, Views Editor October 26, 2022

On Tuesday, Oct. 18, in the week leading up to Wave Weekend, Tulane University students received a daunting and unexpected email. The subject line of the email uses several alarming buzzwords — Fire...

city council initiative

Tulane supports latest ‘doubles-to-dorms’ restriction

Martha Sanchez, News Editor October 7, 2022

Tulane University submitted a public comment Thursday in support of the New Orleans City Council’s latest measure to curb “doubles-to-dorms” problems in Uptown, The Advocate | Times-Picayune...

city council initiative

“Stop Doubles to Dorms” movement continues amid new school year

Mercedes Ohlen, Staff Reporter September 14, 2022

Uptown New Orleans residents are continuing to push back against “Doubles to Dorms” — also referred to as “D2Ds”— amid a new round of Tulane University students moving into off-campus residences.    “Doubles...

city council initiative

City Council combats congestion, development Uptown

Martha Sanchez, Staff Reporter October 20, 2021

After years of contentious debate between Uptown residents and property developers, the New Orleans City Council instituted new barriers against “doubles to dorms” developments.  The new rule,...

Ashley Chen | Art Director

University area residents advocate to ‘Stop Doubles to Dorms’

Gabby Abrams , News Editor September 16, 2020

Since this summer, long-term residents of the university area have placed red and white yard signs reading “STOP DOUBLES TO DORMS” on their lawns. This phrase, shortened to D2D, refers to the growing...

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