Tulane supports latest ‘doubles-to-dorms’ restriction

Martha Sanchez, News Editor

city council initiative
“Doubles to Dorms” is a nickname residents have given to the practice of developers purchasing local homes and renovating them to house more people than they were originally designed for. (Ashley Chen )

Tulane University submitted a public comment Thursday in support of the New Orleans City Council’s latest measure to curb “doubles-to-dorms” problems in Uptown, The Advocate | Times-Picayune reported

The restriction lasts for one year and requires developers to add a parking space for every new bedroom in an area including parts of the Carrollton, Leonidas, Maple Street, Fontainebleau, Marlyville, Broadmoore and Hollygrove neighborhoods. The City Council passed the measure unanimously. 

Both Tulane and Loyola University showed public support for the restriction. In a public comment, Tulane noted that future housing developments on campus should ease some pressures of the off campus rental market. Lake and River Residence Halls are set to open this spring with 700 beds, and a second-phase project will bring 500 more beds on campus in the future. 

The measure comes amid years of debate over “doubles-to-dorms” — the practice of developers renovating old homes in the university area to make more bedrooms for student renters. Residents say that practice drives up housing costs and leads to nuisances like noise, trash and parking problems. Some of those residents and Councilmember Joseph I. Giarrusso III have argued in the past that the universities must take more action amid the ongoing debate.

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