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OPINION | Students should be proactive about data privacy

OPINION | Students should be proactive about data privacy

Katherine Dawson, Contributing Columnist September 14, 2022

One of the most overlooked aspects of social media is its privacy policy and terms and conditions. When signing up for a new account — whether on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or FaceBook — who...

Students must stop relying on Twitter as a campaigning platform

Twitter is not a replacement for campaigning

Deeya Patel, Views Editor January 23, 2020

From the perspective of journalism, Twitter was revolutionary for news in 2006. Instant breaking news updates and bite-sized previews to full articles presented a powerful and convenient way to relay information....

We must remain vigilant against online proliferation of fake news

Quinn Burke, Associate Views Editor April 7, 2018

The 2010s are a post-truth era, one in which any information from anywhere can be put online with a chance that someone out there will believe it. This phenomenon is shown best by "fake news," something...

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