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Clare Daniel on feminism

Clare Daniel on feminism

Leah Starr, Contributing Columnist 4 days ago

With Women’s History Month in full swing, it is important to honor women’s achievements while acknowledging women who have not been given the same opportunities. Some women are not given the same...

OPINION | Let’s talk sex positivity, sex week at Tulane

OPINION | Let’s talk sex positivity, sex week at Tulane

Taylor Spill, Staff Writer March 1, 2023

While the topics of sex and sexuality may be considered taboo, sex is prevalent in the lives of college students. About 69-75% of college students have engaged in a “hook-up” — a range of sexual...

Don’t Worry Darling: Olivia Wilde’s almost-feminist second act

Don’t Worry Darling: Olivia Wilde’s almost-feminist second act

Maggie Snyder, Contributing Writer October 12, 2022

Olivia Wilde’s new thriller “Don’t Worry Darling” premiered in theaters late last month, amid a flurry of media drama. Wilde marketed “Don’t Worry Darling” as a distinctly-feminist psychothriller,...

Some Women, is not All Women

Without intersectional feminism, advocacy does not represent all women

Ritisha Sharma, Intersections Editor March 16, 2022

The first result that pops up when someone googles the term feminism is that it is a noun meaning “the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.” This gives the impression...

supreme court abortion access

OPINION | Supreme Court ruling threatens abortion access

Laura Malagrino, Associate Arcade Editor December 8, 2021

On Dec. 8, the U.S. Supreme Court will make its decision on whether or not to uphold a Mississippi law that would ban abortions after 15 weeks. With three newly appointed justices, all nominated by...

OPINION | Censorship of pornography harms marginalized communities

OPINION | Censorship of pornography harms marginalized communities

Laura Malagrino, Associate Arcade Editor November 17, 2021

The pornography industry is absolutely massive, raking in around $97 billion in revenue globally. Compare that to the movie industry, which made around $41.7 billion on the same scale. Such magnitude...

Demonstrations in favor of the ERA persist almost a century after its creation.

Can we count on the ERA?

Doxey Kamara, Intersections Editor October 6, 2021

The Equal Rights Amendment, first proposed in 1923, sought to secure legal equality for everyone, regardless of sex. Despite its popularity, it was never ratified. Now, almost a century later, Virginia...

White feminism threatens the gender equity movement.

OPINION | Non-intersectional feminism is not feminism

Tanvi Bobba, Contributing Writer September 15, 2021

The feminist movement in the United States signaled the rise of education, equity and tolerance but also a dangerous ideology that suppresses feminism’s impact. This agenda, known as “white feminism,”...

Phone cartoon with Daddy instead of numbers.

OPINION | Call Her Daddy now encourages women to embrace sexuality

Anna Dixon, Staff Writer August 25, 2021

With an estimated three million listeners, “Call Her Daddy” is one of the most popular podcasts in the world. The podcast and its host, Alex Cooper, have gained significant notoriety and have been...

radical feminists piece

Gender-critical feminists are anti-feminist

Emrey Broyles, Staff Writer March 11, 2021

Various feminist groups spearhead gender equality, but one group of “gender-critical” cisgender “feminists” only produces obstacles to true progress. This group, colloquially known as transgender-exclusionary...

OPINION | Celebrating International Women’s Day, fighting for the future

OPINION | Celebrating International Women’s Day, fighting for the future

Lily Mae Lazarus, Views Editor March 10, 2021

Everyday, women in the U.S. fight for body autonomy, equality and respect. For each glass ceiling broken, another seems to appear. Gender inequality is not exclusive to the U.S. Rather, global aggregate...

Art + Feminism aims to rewrite history through Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon

Julia Ferro, Associate Arcade Editor March 14, 2018

Wikipedia has more than 40 million articles online, but fewer than than 10 percent of its editors are women. Art + Feminism discovered this problem and posed an essential question: what happens when...

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