The Tulane Hullabaloo

As an immunosuppressed student, my peers let me down

April 1, 2020

Zach Brenner is a senior majoring in political economy and double-minoring in philosophy and religious studies. In the critical few days following Tulane’s closure in March, it was clear that the...

From the Basement: An ode to sports idols, Dywane Wade

From the Basement: An ode to sports idols, Dywane Wade
April 10, 2019

“From Robbins, Illinois, 6-foot-4-inch guard Dwyane Wade” We were all children once. We have all imagined ourselves as our greatest heroes. Whether it be on the playground or in front of our...

An open letter to students planning studying abroad in Cuba

Yacob Arroyo | Staff Artist
February 20, 2019

To whom it may concern: Your deadline is approaching. As you finalize your applications and send them in hopes of being accepted into the four-week long trip to the tropical island, I hope you are able...

Pain of Parkland: Students mobilize against gun violence

gun violence
February 28, 2018

Many Americans are all too familiar with the mass shooting cycle: public outrage, political inaction and then quiet after a few weeks. Parkland was different. According to Vox among others, the Parkland...

Louisiana finds footing in junior league hockey team

Shreveport Mudbugs celebrate a victory. The team has now qualified for the playoffs for the second year in a row.
February 21, 2018

Two decades ago, ice hockey in the American South was considered a joke. Even the 1999 Stanley Cup victory by the Dallas Stars did little to change northern U.S. and Canadian attitudes about southern teams....

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