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Tulane introduces first gender-inclusive homecoming court

Tulane's 2019 homecoming court winners

Deeya Patel, News Editor

October 30, 2019

Tulane homecoming weekend means football, music, alumni and a celebration of the Green Wave. And this year, a gender-inclusive homecoming court.  In the past, homecoming court consisted of 10 undergraduate seniors, half contesting for the title of homecoming queen and the other half contesting f...

FTB: Differences between men’s, women’s lacrosse are unnecessary

FTB: Differences between men’s, women’s lacrosse are unnecessary

Ezra Weber, Sports Editor

September 25, 2019

Most of the commonly-played sports that people know and love are divided by gender, but few diverge as strangely as men’s and women’s lacrosse.  Men’s lacrosse, for example, allows full contact and shot blocking, while women’s lacrosse prohibits both of these. Similarly, the men’s game features 10 player...

NCI Lawsuit could spark introspective conversation for Tulane

Lydia Mattson | Associate Artist

Julianna Pasquarello, Contributing Reporter

February 7, 2019

Last semester, I frantically refreshed my Gibson Portal until my registration opened. Clicking “submit,” I enrolled in a political science class titled “Women and Public Policy.” A discussion-based seminar, the class explores the way policy intersects with gender to impact the lives of everyd...

Student Organization Spotlight: Finding Intersectionality Together

finding intersectionality together

Ellen Waller, Associate News Editor

March 7, 2018

Finding Intersectionality Together, also known as FIT, is a student organization dedicated to helping students find ways to engage with their own intersectionality.  "Intersectionality" refers to the various categories, such as biological, social and cultural, that overlap with one another to cont...

Newcomb adds digital archives to document LGBTQ+ history

The Newcomb Archives at the Newcomb Institute is diversifying its historical archives by adding its first-ever completely digital-born collection to preserve the history of LGBTQ+ activism in New Orleans.

Fiona Grathwohl and Nile Pierre

December 7, 2017

"Trans history is woefully underrepresented in the historical record," Sam Stover, archivist for digital initiatives at the Newcomb Archives and Vorhoff Library Special Collections, said. "In fact, there's a long history of erasing, minimizing or denying the trans community's existence and impact — even i...

Intersectional confessionals: Students discuss in-class experiences

Intersectional confessionals: Students discuss in-class experiences

Ella Helmuth, Nile Pierre, and Mark Schaupp

November 1, 2017

Intersectional Confessionals is Intersections' new series that highlights personal narratives from students from marginalized identities. This installment focuses on students' encounters inside of the classroom. For more information on intersectional confessionals, read our letter from the editors....

Reily clothing restrictions reinforce harmful body-shaming behavior

Reily clothing restrictions reinforce harmful body-shaming behavior

Ella Helmuth, Senior Staff Writer

October 5, 2017

Recently, Reily Student Recreation Center put up signs throughout the gym areas informing students and Reily members of a new dress code, which prohibits uncovered sports bras and other underarm-bearing tops, such as cut-out t-shirts, apparently in the interest of preventing infection. Rather than dictate ...