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After a three year absence, the fraternity AEPi is returning to Tulanes Greek life scene. Almost 30 members have joined the revived chapter.

AEPi returns to Tulane

Katherine Dawson, Staff Writer March 9, 2023

After a three-year absence, the Tau Upsilon chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi, the country’s largest Jewish fraternity, returned to Tulane University’s Greek community this spring semester.    Members...

Tulane Universitys National Pan-Hellenic Council began a project to build a new memorial honoring African-American greek letter organizations.

NPHC project highlights historically-Black Greek organizations

Julia Goldman, Contributing Writer February 15, 2023

This spring, the Tulane University National Pan-Hellenic Council launched a project to create a campus space in honor of Tulane’s historically African-American Greek letter organizations.    According...

It happens here: Queerphobia at Tulane

It happens here: Queerphobia at Tulane

Hannah Petillo, Contributing Writer December 8, 2022

Thirty-two transgender people were murdered this year. Two hundred and thirty-eight explicitly anti-LGBT laws were introduced into state and federal legislatures in 2022 alone, a 580% increase from...

OPINION | Gendering Parents Weekend creates exclusion in Greek life

OPINION | Gendering Parents Weekend creates exclusion in Greek life

Casey Wade, Staff Writer September 28, 2022

In the past decades, America has widely accepted that the nuclear family may look different from household to household, and that a family with one mother, one father and a couple of children should...

FULLABALOO | Romanticize Tulanes wrongs

FULLABALOO | Romanticize Tulane’s wrongs

Imma Beech, Clearly not in therapy April 13, 2022

This article is entirely satire. All information and interviews below are fictional and for entertainment purposes only. Tulane does a lot of things right. Boasting a beautiful 110-acre urban campus,...

OPINION | Gender inequities in Greek life persist at Tulane

OPINION | Gender inequities in Greek life persist at Tulane

Billie Wyler, Staff Columnist March 16, 2022

  Fraternities were first established at universities in 1776. Eventually, the first sorority was formed over 100 years later in 1882. The women in these institutions felt pressure to prove...

Who are the Black fraternities and sororities on Tulane, and what do these organizations foster?

Divine Nine: Honoring Black sororities, fraternities

Paige Magee, Contributing Columnist February 17, 2022

The National Pan-Hellenic Council was founded on May 10, 1930 at Howard University. This council was created to foster a cooperative place that allowed Black sororities to deal with matters of mutual...

Potential new members experienced the ease of hybrid recruitment and the authenticity of an in-person process.

OPINION | Hybrid sorority recruitment offers best of both worlds

Ava Crowe, Contributing Columnist February 15, 2022

At Tulane University and many colleges alike, sorority recruitment can be an extremely high-stress endeavor for those going through the process for the first time, as well as for the active members.  Prior...

Unsolicited review of Tulane bid day 2022 themes

Unsolicited review of Tulane bid day 2022 themes

Holly Haney, Arcade Editor February 3, 2022

Bid Day: a long held tradition across the country where those who went through sorority recruitment receive their bids and “run home” to find not only their new sorority members but also a big...

sorority merch

OPINION | Greek life consumerism represents elitism at Tulane

Setah Alavi, Contributing Columnist October 13, 2021

Greek life offers a multitude of benefits for its participants. Members of these exclusive social groups expect benefits ranging from networking opportunities, increased social circles and communities...

Tulane Greek organizations face hazing allegations

Tulane Greek organizations face hazing allegations

Domenic Mesa, News Editor April 29, 2021

Tulane Greek organizations continue to be under scrutiny as TUPD investigates allegations of hazing. Earlier this semester, six Greek organizations were placed on interim suspension due to non-compliance...

A sorority house representing the pervasive whiteness of greek life

OPINION | Whiteness of Greek life contradicts Tulane students’ purported values

Sala Thanassi, Contributing Writer March 3, 2021

As the summer of 2020 faded away, an interesting dichotomy emerged. College students who had participated in Black Lives Matter protests, or had been equally as vocal on their social medias, returned to...

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