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FULLABALOO | Tour guides want pizza, not payment

FULLABALOO | Tour guides want pizza, not payment

Dabe Garley, Definitely Not A Tour Guide March 25, 2021

On Wednesday of this past week, members of the Green Wave Ambassador program on campus decided to lay down their Britney Spears microphones and take to McAlister Drive with protest signs. The strike...


The toxic culture of overinvolvement at Tulane

Shahamat Uddin, Intersections Editor October 2, 2019

A completely full calendar from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., midday sprints from Gibson to the LBC, and a backpack overflowing with club promotional materials. These are the all too well-known signs of the toxic...

stern hall

Unpacking Architecture: Stern Hall myth debunked

Sophia Mariani, Associate News Editor March 1, 2018

At Tulane, Percival Stern Hall houses the laboratory sciences. Students across academic fields, however, have come to know Stern Hall as the oddly designed building with the encoded windows. A fun fact...

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