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Tulane Law School hosts Supreme Court hearing on life sentence for 0.04 oz marijuana distribution

Amy Nankin, News Editor January 29, 2020

The first oral hearing of the case of the State of Louisiana versus Derek Harris was held at Tulane University Law School Monday. Attorney Cormac Boyle and District Attorney Dale Lee presented oral...

Ashley Chen | Views Layout Editor

New Louisiana Amendment should change past, future

Shea Dobson, Views Editor January 16, 2019

  Ashley Chen | Views Layout Editor This past November, the state of Louisiana passed the Unanimous Jury Verdict for Felony Trials Amendment, or Louisiana Amendment 2. Prior to the passing...

A timeline of the executive orders process.

Gov. John Bel Edward’s LGBTQ+ anti-discrimination executive order overturned

Emily Fornof, Intersections Editor November 6, 2017

On Wednesday, April 13, 2016, Gov. John Bel Edwards issued an executive order concerning "equal opportunity and non-discrimination," banning discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity...

Kimberle Crenshaw

Kimberlé Crenshaw: race scholar speaks on erasure of women of color

Emily Fornof, Nile Pierre, and Canela Lopez October 4, 2017

"[Intersectionality] has been gentrified in the sense that people to whom it initially designed to recognize have been pushed out of the discourse," Kimberlé Crenshaw said at a lunch for Tulane student...

Attorney at law Carolyn Cooper is taking over TULAP following the death of on-call Tulane University attorney Frederick Freddie Jenks King.

Carolyn Cooper leads TULAP guided by King’s legacy

Clara Lacey , Contributing Reporter September 9, 2017

Attorney at law Carolyn Cooper has taken over the Tulane University Legal Assistance Program following the death of her law partner and on-call Tulane University attorney Frederick "Freddie" Jenks King...

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