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Student Organization Spotlight: Finding Intersectionality Together

finding intersectionality together

Ellen Waller, Associate News Editor

March 7, 2018

Finding Intersectionality Together, also known as FIT, is a student organization dedicated to helping students find ways to engage with their own intersectionality.  "Intersectionality" refers to the various categories, such as biological, social and cultural, that overlap with one another to cont...

Admissions implements changes to address diversity deficit

Admissions implements changes to address diversity deficit

Emily Fornof and Nile Pierre

June 7, 2017

This fall, Tulane welcomes its most diverse class in history with 21 percent students of color and 5 percent international students.  Compared to the graduating class of 2017, which was 15.6 percent students of color and 2.1 percent international students, diversity is on the rise, and Tulane adm...

Letter from Intersections Editor

Letter from Intersections Editor

Canela Lopéz, Intersections Editor

December 8, 2016

Words have power: the power to stop pipelines, to exert existence, to say lives matter. Media coverage also has power. This is the first thing we learn as student journalists. Crafting stories, communicating the truth and providing representation for all voices are why many of us enter this profession....