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Graphic of top 5 movies with worst Southern and Louisianan accents

OPINION | Hey Hollywood, Southern Accent depends on ‘where y’at’

Faith McLean, Associate Arcade Editor December 15, 2021

What does the South sound like to you? Does it sound like Tom Hank’s character Forrest Gump or Adam Sandler’s character Bobby Boucher Jr.? Well, that is what Hollywood wants you to believe Southern...

Religious academic accommodations should not burden observant students.

OPINION | Lack of uniform religious accommodations burdens Jewish students

Lily Mae Lazarus, Managing Editor September 15, 2021

On Rosh Hashanah, the day of judgment arrives. Over the next ten days, Jews ask for forgiveness and mend the wrongs they casted over the year. For Jews, the High Holy Days mark a period of deep introspection...

People wait for food to be distributed in Les Cayes, Haiti.

OPINION | Who should lead Haitian aid efforts?

Doxey Kamara, Intersections Editor August 25, 2021

The island nation of Haiti has experienced an overabundance of catastrophe. While still reeling from the assassination of their president, the nation’s Prime Minister resigned without any public...

A map of the Talibans control in Afghanistan

Taliban threatens progress made for women, minorities

Lily Livaudais, Contributing Writer August 25, 2021

  Fear spreads like fire throughout the communities of Afghanistan as the Taliban regain control of the state. The Taliban rose after the Soviet Union left Afghanistan and subsequently established...

Opinions are just that.

OPINION | Hate comments are not constructive criticism

Gabe Darley, Staff Writer November 11, 2020

When in search of objective truth, Views is almost never the place to start looking. Opinion pieces are neither intended to be impartial accounts of current events, nor are they meant to be Hullabaloo-endorsed...

We all can learn from John McCains legacy

We all can learn from John McCain’s legacy

Jon Krantz, Staff Writer August 31, 2018

This weekend, the nation lost Sen. John McCain to glioblastoma, or cancer in the glial cells of the brain. His career was marked by many mistakes, but his legacy of unparalleled moral character and his...

Prioritizing Intellectual Diversity Distracts the Views Section from What Matters Most

Prioritizing Intellectual Diversity Distracts the Views Section from What Matters Most

Sophia Mariani, Staff Writer August 29, 2018

When I pick up a copy of The Hullabaloo, I’m curious. I’m looking for answers and insights about the Tulane community. I trust that the writers have done their due diligence and are presenting me,...

Too black for an American audience

Too black for an American audience

Shea Dobson, Sports Editor August 24, 2017

Before I really dive into this article, I'd like to begin by saying this is one of the most frustrating things I've ever written about. This is because there are two articles I could write, and I have...

From the Basement: March Madness predictions

From the Basement: March Madness predictions

It's everyone's favorite time of the year. On Thursday, March 16, March Madness will officially begin as 68 teams from across the country lace 'em up for the opportunity to win the national championships...

A Day Without a Woman excludes low-income workers

Madeline Ninno, Staff Writer March 16, 2017

On International Women's Day, March 8, women around the world participated in the A Day Without a Woman general strike. Women were encouraged to take the day off from all paid and unpaid labor to shop...

From the basement: NCAA needs to work on fair compensation

From the basement: NCAA needs to work on fair compensation

Jake Brennan, Sports Editor February 9, 2017

Collegiate athletics are supposed to be a way for young adults to compete at a higher level and grow as people while still focusing on their studies. This has never been the case. The NCAA gains from...

Tulane unjustly denies renowned researcher important data

Cam Lutz, Staff Writer February 9, 2017

Dr. Gerald S. Berenson, a renowned cardiovascular researcher and former research professor at Tulane University, is suing Tulane for access to data he collected in the Bogalusa heart study, his ongoing...

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