Unsolicited review of Tulane bid day 2022 themes

Holly Haney, Arcade Editor

sororities on Tulane's campus
Panhellenic sororities celebrate bid day and new member class (Maggie Pasterz)

Bid Day: a long held tradition across the country where those who went through sorority recruitment receive their bids and “run home” to find not only their new sorority members but also a big themed party to welcome them into the sorority. Though there’s nothing more fulfilling than welcoming in a new pledge class, evaluating and forming your own unsolicited opinions of each sorority’s bid day theme comes in at a close second. 

To get my affiliations and various disclaimers out of the way: I’m a member of a Greek organization, but my commitment to hard hitting journalism and objectivity trumps my allegiance to any such organization created to allow women of society to find a husband or whatever their original intended purpose. These opinions are my own and not those of my particular organization. This is just me being silly for a Tulane Hullabaloo article. “Panhel Love” or whatever it is I have to say so a hit isn’t organized against me. 

Kappa Kappa Gamma: Studio KKG

Remember when Melania Trump decorated the White House for Christmas, and it looked like the coldest, most dystopian interpretation of what Christmas could be? This was a disco version of that. I know Kappa Kappa Gamma criticism in any capacity is — quite frankly — overdone at this point. But, this will not stop me from calling out boring and soulless as I see fit. I totally understand sticking to a color scheme, but blue, silver and white does tend to evoke a sense of cold as well as hospitals. That is not what I think of when I think of disco. Also, the feathers. On the ground. Everywhere. Not cool. 

Phi Mu: Dine-Ins, Drive-Thrus and Phis

Look me in the eyes and tell me this wasn’t hilarious. I dare you. It’s Guy Fieri of Food Network fame. The pun makes sense. You can do a cute or silly bid day outfit for this. In a vacuum, a gem. We are unfortunately not in a vacuum, and therefore there are complications. The way it was executed — with the leather, the black and red color scheme and the flame motifs — along with Theta’s theme did make for some level of confusion. When you can’t tell who is a full member of Phi Mu or a new member of Theta running through the crowd or scrolling through your Instagram feed, it muddles them together in a way that is simply not desirable. 

Pi Beta Phi: No Vacancy

I will just come out and say it: if I have to study your bid day photos to find a banner to get even an iota of a clue for what your bid day theme is, it is not good. I can sort of see the Dua Lipa “New Rules” music video based vision for this. Who knows, maybe I am too small-brained to get it, which is fair! I can handle critique. But maybe bid day is not the day to be niche, which is how I would classify this Florida motel theme — I think? — celebration. Maybe more plastic flamingos out front a la flocking would have helped.

Tri-Delta: Freshly Picked 

Honestly, this was cute. I liked the graphic on the shirts and the execution overall. It was fun and cute, plus added bonus points for the use of the Bea Field Alumni House for bid day festivities. Excellent creative thinking and on the nose shirt designs everyone! I will unfortunately have to point out that this is a theme for the summer time. There are no fruits in sight to be picked. The only thing we are picking right now is our bodies off the ground as we try to make it to our early classes. Tank tops in cold weather aren’t the best either, but I liked what I saw as a whole. 

Alpha Delta Pi: Lemonade Stand

I like ADPi as a group. Some of my close friends and most respected peers are ADPis. That being said, I did not like their theme. I just didn’t. It was not for me. I just don’t think a drink should be the center of an entire theme, especially not lemonade and most certainly not lemonade in January. Imagine having a hot chocolate-themed bid day in August. Same energy. 

Kappa Alpha Theta: Ride or Die

As I said for Phi Mu, on its own: a gem. A cute biker moment with flames and leather galore. I think it provides a fun and whimsical time for both Light and Dark Thetas alike, making it a crowd pleaser of a theme. But of course, considering Phi Mu’s theme, it does make the journey down my Instagram feed more confusing than is necessary. I hate to say it, but bid day is about brand identity, and possible confusion is not good for any brand. Perhaps a meeting should happen before next year’s bid day to avoid future confusion. 

Sigma Delta Tau: Lucky To Be SDT

Usually, I am against product-based themes. They generally reek of capitalism and a woeful lack of creativity. However, as the proud owner of a Trix shirt that is over 10 years old and an avid fan of the color green, I respect it. Having a theme that doubles as a snack has its undeniable benefits, and I gotta say I’m really impressed with the customized boxes. That’s the unyielding dedication to the theme I like to see in bid day celebrations.

Alpha Epsilon Phi: Saints 

A New Orleans Saints theme for bid day at a school located in New Orleans? Groundbreaking. The obvious cliche aside, the Saints went through it enough this season. Instead of beating a dead horse while they’re down, perhaps it would’ve been best to go with another theme. 

Chi Omega: Y2-Chi-O

Was it original? No. Were the shirts warm? Also no. But c’mon, it was cute. Maybe it’s the nostalgia factor or the really crisp lines on their banner or the sheer trendiness of the Y2K era right now, but I am a fan. 

Overall, I am concerned by the amount of tank tops and seasonally inappropriate themes. This isn’t to say that everyone should be Winter Wonderland themed next year, but working against the conditions doesn’t help anyone. Shout out to anyone involved in the planning of bid day — that takes a lot of effort and, despite my scathing criticism, everything looked great and people seemed to have fun. Panhel Love, etc. 

I will now be going into hiding, thank you for your time.

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