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U Up Rn? A Meditation on Hookup Culture

U Up Rn? A Meditation on Hookup Culture

Jeanette McKellar, Contributing Writer August 31, 2022

As a college-aged, female-identifying individual, your body exists as the strangest kind of currency that works both for and against you in the bizarre arena of collegiate hookup culture. To gain entrance...

Coming out has been a lifelong process, full of beauty, loss and transformation.

Closet Case: My Adventure in Queer Identity

Hailie Goldthorpe, Contributing Columnist March 15, 2022

I am Hailie. I’m a freshman. I'm your friend, family, classmate and supporter. I’m also a lesbian. This is a significant part of my identity, but I've kept it carefully hidden most of my life....

OPINION | Censorship of pornography harms marginalized communities

OPINION | Censorship of pornography harms marginalized communities

Laura Malagrino, Associate Arcade Editor November 17, 2021

The pornography industry is absolutely massive, raking in around $97 billion in revenue globally. Compare that to the movie industry, which made around $41.7 billion on the same scale. Such magnitude...

Too often, Bi men are grouped as either gay or straight, their Bi identity being erased.

‘Bisexual men do exist’

Jeremy Evans, Contributing Columnist November 17, 2021

As a freshman at Tulane University, during a discussion on sexuality with a group of peers, I stated that I was 85% to 90% straight. In retrospect, it seems ridiculous to quantify my sexuality with...

On the hunt for Price Charming, college women kiss a lot of frogs without any sexual satisfaction.

Stop settling for bad sex

Lily Mae Lazarus, Managing Editor November 10, 2021

Long gone are the days of meeting someone in a dimly lit jazz club with stolen glances and love at first sight. Replacing the old fashioned romance game are dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble and Hinge....

Sex is normal, and it is human, yet many women remained trapped in the idea that their sexuality doesn’t fall into either of those categories.

OPINION | Masturbation is for girls, too

Laura Malagrino, Associate Arcade Editor October 27, 2021

When a friend of mine had first confided in me that she masturbated, it felt as though a wall had come down. I was no longer the only one, nor was I the first. For years, I had repressed that aspect...

finding intersectionality together

Student Organization Spotlight: Finding Intersectionality Together

Ellen Waller, Associate News Editor March 7, 2018

Finding Intersectionality Together, also known as FIT, is a student organization dedicated to helping students find ways to engage with their own intersectionality.  "Intersectionality" refers to the...

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