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Tulane’s Director of Admission Engagement Owen Knight competed on season 43 of Survivor, a reality competition that boasts a prize of $1 million.

Tulane Spotlight: Survivor edition

Aidan McCahill, Associate News Editor January 25, 2023

This past fall, millions watched one of Tulane University’s own compete for $1 million on CBS. Director of Admission Engagement Owen Knight participated in season 43 of “Survivor”, a reality...

The holidays are a time for rest — but can one responsibly take a break from something as important as politics?

OPINION | Disengaging from politics this holiday season

Doxey Kamara, Intersections Editor December 16, 2021

Politics can be a hard thing to ignore. Particularly as social media usage has skyrocketed during the pandemic — exposing more people to political figures and viewpoints — it can feel like political...

Letter to the Editor: Tokenism, racism in USG presidents campaign

Letter to the Editor: Tokenism, racism in USG president’s campaign

Annika Shamachar November 10, 2021

Though I was aware that Undergraduate Student Government elections were taking place during the week of March 14, I was not particularly invested in them until a friend texted me a screenshot of candidate...

Given that confirmation bias and cherry-picking evidence is such an ingrained element of the human psyche, how impartially evaluate the Israel-Palestine situation?

Israeli-Palestinian conflict’s unproductive cycle in media

Thamidul Alam, Contributing Columnist October 27, 2021

The social media cycle of tragedy has been normalized. Something terrible occurs in the Israel-Palestine region. Supporters of both sides take to social media to defend their respective sides. Eventually...

@boysbeware.tulane serves as an anonymous sexual assault reporting system

OPINION | @boysbeware.tulane illuminates deep-rooted sexual abuse culture

Anna Dixon, Staff Columnist October 27, 2021

Content Warning: The following article contains subject matter pertaining to sexual violence. @boysbeware.tulane, a Tulane University student-run Instagram account, has recently gained a significant...

yik yak

OPINION | Yik Yak revitalizes cyberbullying at Tulane

Carly Barovick, Contributing Columnist October 13, 2021

  “The Yak is Back'' says the anonymous messaging board’s website in bright colors alongside a bouncing animal cartoon, right under links to “Mental Health Resources,” “Stay Safe...

College newspapers are powerful institutions of accountability.

OPINION | College journalism still matters

Lily Mae Lazarus, Views Editor April 28, 2021

The feeling of reading a print copy of a newspaper is irreplicable. The textured paper stamped with black ink holds immense power, often unrecognized by younger generations. With digital media replacing...

OPINION | “Political correctness” debate represents generational, empathy divide

OPINION | “Political correctness” debate represents generational, empathy divide

Sala Thanassi, Contributing Writer January 27, 2021

The concept of political correctness continues to garner mass public attention and is both intensely accursed and passionately praised. Factors such as political affiliation, class status, racial identity...

Tulane students are unsure of their political future.

OPINION | Debate fails to engage young voters

Anna Dixon, Contributing Writer October 7, 2020

  Following the presidential debate on Tuesday, Sept. 29, Google searches in the U.S. spiked on how to move out of the country, most notably to New Zealand and Canada. The continuous interruptions...

The 15 White Coats stand in front of Whitney Plantation as a symbol of their heritage and as inspiration for future doctors everywhere.

‘Resilience is in our DNA’: Tulane Medical students send international message at Whitney plantation

Carrigan English and Amy Nankin, News Editors January 16, 2020

Last December, a group of Tulane Medical students traveled to Whitney Plantation to learn more about their ancestors and their heritage. Little did they know that this small class trip would soon become...

Intersections’ top tweets of the week

Intersections’ top tweets of the week

Megan García, Staff Writer April 17, 2019

With roughly 2-3 weeks left of school and finals right around the corner, study season is in full swing. Unfortunately, this makes endlessly scrolling through Twitter even more appealing. Let’s procrastinate...

Intersections top 10 Instagram accounts you need to be following

Intersections’ top 10 Instagram accounts you need to be following

Hugo Fajardo, Intersections Editor January 23, 2019

If you need that occasional break from Twitter, you've come to the right place. This week we're bringing you the best intersectional content on Instagram that you should go follow after reading...

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