The Tulane Hullabaloo

Entangled with plantation history, Tulane removes iconic campus bell


Sanjali De Silva, Senior Staff Reporter

March 5, 2020

According to tradition, it only rings twice a year: once for convocation and once for commencement.  Graduating seniors in the Class of 2020 were gearing up to hear the Victory Bell ring — until it was abruptly removed, leaving a barren stand in front of McAlister Auditorium. The decision came ...

The toxic culture of overinvolvement at Tulane


Shahamat Uddin, Intersections Editor

October 2, 2019

A completely full calendar from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., midday sprints from Gibson to the LBC, and a backpack overflowing with club promotional materials. These are the all too well-known signs of the toxic culture of overinvolvement at Tulane. Tulane proudly boasts potential involvement in more than 254 org...

Why is our frisbee team better at addressing racism than our university?


Josh Axelrod, Views Editor

September 11, 2019

When presented with two institutions — one, a centuries-old university serving thousands of students and the other, a club sports team —  it would make sense that the university would be quicker to think critically, address its history and confront racism. One would think. This month, Tulane...

Class of 2023 orientation takes step forward in addressing diversity

Sofia Viscuso | Photo Editor

Megan Garcia, Intersections Editor

September 4, 2019

This year’s freshman orientation included a new way to address diversity and inclusion. Community Engagement Advocates, who are recruited through the Center for Public Service and the Carolyn Barber Pierre Center for Intercultural Life at Tulane, led workshops on diversity and inclusion aimed at edu...

USG passes amended “ban the box” resolution

ban the box

Sanjali De Silva, News Editor

March 1, 2018

Last week, the Undergraduate Student Government passed legislation calling on Tulane Admission to note that it will disregard past criminal convictions on applications. The resolution was presented by USG Senator Ella Helmuth last semester after Gov. John Bel Edwards signed the "ban the box" law...

Marginalized communities respond to sexual assault climate survey results

President Mike Fitts makes opening remarks at the town hall last Wednesday night.

Josh Axelrod, Sanjali De Silva, and Sophia Mariani

February 8, 2018

After five months of waiting and speculating, students gathered to hear the results of the Sexual Assault Climate Survey. The doors of Kendall Cram Lecture Room opened at 4:30 p.m. By 4:39 p.m. all 400 seats were taken. Beginning at 5 p.m. and going more than an hour over its scheduled end time, the town hall last We...

Office of Admission seeks to expand recruiting efforts

The top four represented states in Tulane's student body are New York, California, Louisiana and Illinois.

Fiona Grathwohl, News Editor

November 16, 2017

Tulane faces criticism for having a lack of geographic and economic diversity in the undergraduate student body, and many students have said they hope the Office of Undergraduate Admission will think critically about recruiting more diverse cohorts. According to the Tulane University Registrar, 30.11 percent of t...