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Sades impact on music transcends time barriers.

Sade: Musician spotlight

Tommy Foskey, Staff Reporter February 16, 2022

What better way to celebrate Blackness and all its gifts than by giving flowers to one of the greatest cultural progenitors? Born in Ibadan, Nigeria, Helen Folsade Adu, known as Sade, is the enigmatic...

Adelaide Basco | Art Director

Student Style: Spring fever with Lyskota Mensah

Alex Calloway, Staff Reporter April 17, 2019

With finals fast approaching and a rainy winter in the rearview mirror, Tulanians are eager to break out their warmer-weather wardrobes. After such a dreary beginning to the semester, however, some...

Rising Artist Spotlight: Jacob Collier

Rising Artist Spotlight: Jacob Collier

Burke Joslin, Staff Reporter March 20, 2019

If you haven’t heard of Jacob Collier yet, don’t worry – chances are, it won’t be long before he’s a household name. Born to a family of musicians in North London in 1994, Collier has lived...

Whirls of Color: Tulane University’s color guard

Whirls of Color: Tulane University’s color guard

Olivia Henderson, Staff Writer November 14, 2018

Color guard is not for the uncoordinated. Guard members perform with an almost inherent sense of rhythm, all the while deftly manipulating rifles and flags. The dexterity and dynamism of the guard...

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