Student Style: Spring fever with Lyskota Mensah

Alex Calloway, Staff Reporter

Adelaide Basco

With finals fast approaching and a rainy winter in the rearview mirror, Tulanians are eager to break out their warmer-weather wardrobes. After such a dreary beginning to the semester, however, some people may struggle to craft a ‘fit that expresses their inner sunshine after so many months of denim-fleece jackets and Hunter boots. Enter: Lyskota Mensah, The Hullabaloo’s spring style inspo.

Mensah is a freshman at Tulane studying linguistics. You’ve probably seen him on campus: if the dyed hair and piercings weren’t enough to identify Mensah, his utterly individual sense of style certainly would be.

“As a kid, I was always trying funky colors and different combinations of accessories,” Mensah said. “I started realizing no one else around me was really wearing that kind of stuff, so I started going out of my way to get more clothing that I didn’t think anyone around me would wear.”

Calling Mensah’s style “funky” doesn’t do it justice. Combining pastels, athleisure and punk aesthetics, his outfits toe the line between effortlessness and pin-point coordination. So where does one draw the line between bold style and accessory overkill?

“I would say three different colors is the max you should do, with black being an exception because it matches everything.” Mensah said.

Much like other students, Mensah is excited for the possibilities spring possesses in the fashion world. As hard as it is to transition away from the layers and deep shades of winter, he is optimistic that Tulane can step up to the challenge.

“I love wearing a hoodie and sweatpants as much as the next person, but when it’s all you see, it gets kinda dreary.”

As the moods of Tulanians improve post-finals, it may feel pointless to try to evolve one’s style so close to the summer. But being surrounded by new cultures, styles and tastes such as Mensah’s can intrigue peers and continue to foster a culture of originality and audaciousness at Tulane.

When asked if he had any final suggestions for the student body, Mensah thought for a moment.

“Go for more bright pants, zany tanks and pastel accessories,” he said. “We’re all dying, but the ‘fit doesn’t have to, too.”

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