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Each country has unique allure, and as the world discovers moreof Vietnam’s treasures, it’s climbing higher on travelers’ must-seelists. A Vietnamtour is often the most effective way to take in the best ofthis fascinating intriguing country’s attractions including thehighlands of the far north and the beaches of the south.

These are just a few of the things you won’t want to miss.


Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, celebrated its 1,000 year anniversaryin 2010, and its citizens are justifiably proud of that longhistory. However, most visitors find that Hanoi isn’t just stuck inthe past – it’s a forward-thinking metropolis even though it’sfilled with the elegantly crumbling vestiges of French colonialarchitecture and dotted with ancient temples and pagodas.

There is enough to see in Hanoi to keep you busy for your wholetrip, but arranging a Vietnamtour will ensure that you see the important highlights. One ofthe best historic sights is the One-Pillar Pagoda, built in 1049 toresemble a lotus bud; but for more modern (and challenging)history, a visit to Hoa Lo Prison is a necessity for many – itmight be more recognizable by its other moniker, the Hanoi Hilton.You can experience one of the country’s delightful folk traditionswith an evening at a water puppet theater performance, which havebeen held for centuries.


The spectacular beauty of the former imperial capital makes itsomething you’ll want to include in your Vietnamtour, and few visitors are disappointed. The city’sincomparable art and architecture make an impression with thegrandeur of former imperial residences and temples.

A visit to the Citadel gives you a glimpse into the ForbiddenPurple City of the Nguyen emperors, where only they, theirconcubines and their closest assistants and functionaries wereallowed. After feasting your eyes, you can take part in Hue’slegendary cuisine, which is renowned throughout the country asbeing uniquely refined.

Da Nang

Vietnam’s appeal as a relaxing beach destination is growing aswell, thanks to destinations like Da Nang. It’s a bustling, livelycity, with ample shopping opportunities and a reputation for greatfood, so you’ll find plenty to do off the beach. But if you want tosoak up the sun and play in the waves, you’d be hard-pressed tofind a more pleasant place to do so.

Ho Chi Minh City

Also known as Saigon or “HCMC,” the second largest city inVietnam is an essential stop. Its reputation is that of a pulsing,vibrant metropolis that is always on the go. It’s more modern thanHanoi, but there are still plenty of historic sights to see – likethe History Museum, Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral and Giac VienPagoda – between stops at the city’s many shopping boutiques andgreat restaurants.

Many travelers find that Vietnam fits well into a longeritinerary that also takes them to other popular Southeast Asiandestinations like Cambodia and Thailand. Tour companies like Tauckmake it simple to combine all these destinations to create a moreaffordable itinerary that doesn’t demand complex and time-consumingplanning.

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