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When it comes to fashion, are you determined to stand out fromthe crowd? Do you accept emerging trends for what they are, or doyou try to spice them up by adding your own unique designs andflair? Do you make a constant effort to be part of thetrendsetting, rather than the trend-adopting?

If this sounds like you, then fashion is not just something youenjoy – it is part of who you are. To truly immerse yourself in theworld of fashion design, you need to have access to the industry’stop trends and most recent developments.

Consider becoming a member of a fashion design organization toconnect with other fashion enthusiasts, get firsthand informationon industry information and advancements and stay on top of thelatest trends in fashion designing, manufacturing, distributing,sourcing and technology.

Fashion design organizations have big benefits

Depending on what area you live in, there are a variety offashion design organizations you can join. Most nationalorganizations have branches throughout the country, but themembership benefits and requirements may vary depending on whereyou join. There are also plenty of local organizations, as well ason-campus groups, so keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to getinvolved.

Whether you join as a student in a fashiondesign degree program or a professional already in the field,there are many advantages to becoming a member of a fashion designorganization. Benefits vary from organization to organization, butsome of those you can expect to receive are:

* Seasonal fashion trends reports

* Access to member directories that become excellent networkingresources

* Newsletters featuring industry reports and insights, careeradvice, fashion event coverage, and more

* The chance to connect with fashion leaders and decision makersacross multiple sectors of the industry

* Reduced ticket prices and firsthand information on industryevents

* Exclusive information on industry best practices, effectivestrategies and dynamics, helpful statistical information andmore

* Access to educational seminars and fashion designclasses

* Information covering industry trends, issues, practices andmore

In addition to all these perks, you also have the uniqueopportunity to interact with others who share your passion forfashion. You can form friendships, find mentors and pick the brainsof fashion experts who know the field inside and out. The resourcesavailable through fashion design organizations are vast and varied,and it is truly up to you how much you gain from yourmembership.

Some organizations have meetings and events that you can attend,and some you can become a part of simply by joining online. Nomatter what level of involvement you want to have or what type oforganization you want to join, the most important part is puttingyourself out there and becoming a member.

Some of the fashion design-related organizations you may want toconsider are:

* The Fashion Group International, Inc.

* The Color Association of the United States

* The National Arts Club

* National Association of Fashion and Accessory Designers

* Association of Fashion Designers

Take the time to discover which organizations will be mostbeneficial to your needs. Once you have chosen an organization ortwo to join, make the most of it. Get involved in as many ways aspossible, or simply stay as up-to-date as you can. Success in theworld of fashion design requires you to be one step ahead at alltimes, and joining a reputable fashion design organization orenrolling in fashion designtraining are great ways to stay that way.

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