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Danny Verb, Contributing Reporter

“Parks and Recreation” season 7: 4 stars

We all love closure. Thankfully, Netflix recently added the final season of NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” to its website.

Season 7 of “Parks and Rec” begins three years after the end of season 6, taking place in 2017. Leslie is the regional director for the National Park Service and Ben is a local U.S. congressman. All is well until major tech company Gryzzl sets its sights on some land outside Pawnee to build its new campus on. Leslie wants to turn the spot into a national park and the two begin battling it out as the season progresses. Full of fresh satire and the same old parks department humor, the final season never loses steam.

While fills the shoes of each prior season, the final season also gives every loved character a well deserved conclusion. Certain favorite characters weren’t given the deserved screen time, however, forcing rushed endings. Regardless, the show began and ended with Leslie as it should have.

Whether you’ve watched the first six seasons or never given the show a shot, having every episode on Netflix is the perfect reason to begin.

“2 Fast 2 Furious”: 2.5 stars

Somehow there are seven “Fast and Furious” movies and somehow the most recent film made well over a billion dollars at the box office. For those who want to see how such a crazy thing can happen, watch the sequel “2 Fast 2 Furious” at least once in your life.

To be frank, the plot is pretty lame. There’s a bad guy who does bad things and the police are willing to pardon Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) and his friend Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson) if they help save the day. What makes the movie excel is a stellar cast and unrealistically wild car scenes. The “Fast and Furious” franchise brought a new level of ridiculous car stunts to the big screen. With cheesy humor, these characters drive fast cars and come close to deathly crashes numerous times. It’s just plain fun to see.

Paul Walker and Tyrese Gibson have great brotherly chemistry whether they’re fighting or having a good time. The producers in some string of luck got Eva Mendes to play one of the lead detectives and the movie also stars Ludacris, because if there’s one movie series to feature a rapper-turned-actor, it’s this one.

Every “Fast and Furious” movie strives off of topping the one before it, but it’s great to see where ridiculous, cinematic car action started picking up steam.  

“Along Came Polly”: 3 stars

Back when Ben Stiller was known everywhere for “Zoolander” and “Dodgeball,” he appeared in a small rom-com with a stellar cast called “Along Came Polly.

Reuben Feffer married the love of his life, was on his honeymoon and couldn’t be happier … until his wife leaves him for the scuba instructor. He can’t catch a break until he meets Polly (Jennifer Aniston), and Reuben becomes obsessed. He runs into her various times, always saying the wrong thing, leaving worse than he came in. Jennifer Aniston perfectly plays the New York working girl and doesn’t take a side seat once the film gets going. With Philip Seymour Hoffman as Reuben’s best friend, this movie draws its humor through hilariously awkward situations and random, non-sequitur style jokes. Kevin Hart, Judah Friedlander and Hank Azaria all make memorable appearances as well.

Not the best rom-com, not the best Ben Stiller movie and it will probably be forgotten within a few years, but in the meantime it sure beats studying.

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