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Playing video games, once considered a “no parents allowed”activity, has become one of the most popular ways for families tohave fun, interact and even stay healthy – together.

A recent national WeTime Survey of parents, conducted by HarrisInteractive, showed “playing a video game we can all enjoy” is afavorite activity for 45 percent of families. Parents of tweens(children ages 8 to 12) said the video game console is the No. 3consumer electronic product their children use most often, justbehind televisions and laptop computers.

Call this movement the new “We Time” – or “Wii Time,” sinceNintendo’s console is often at the center of modern family gamenights. And it’s no coincidence that the console’s name sounds likethe word “we.” Nintendo designed the system to get families andfriends active and engaged with each other. The company chose thename, “Wii,” to represent this goal of togetherness.

Developed with significant input from modern moms and theirfamilies, a newly-launched line of Memorex gaming accessories forNintendo Wii, Wii Fit and DSi are designed to enhance themulti-player gaming experience and bring new excitement to modernfamily game nights:

Families say: Popular racing games come with one wheel but maynot allow for a significant improvement to the gaming experience.In addition, purchasing individual wheels so each family member canplay can be costly.

Solution: Racing Wheel Family Three-Pack for Wii from Memorex (MSRP$24.99)

Families that enjoy racing and go-kart games will love thesedurable wheels, which offer more features than traditional wheelsat an affordable price. Linked closely to colors that echo thecharacter colors in popular racing games, the rubberized grips ofthe Memorex wheels come in four colors – red, green, blue andpurple – so family members can customize their competitions. Thewheels are also MotionPlus compatible, thanks to a hiddencompartment in back, and feature a spring-loaded trigger, so theracing experience is truly enhanced. Remotes are easily placed inthe wheel thanks to a unique, side-loading feature (they don’t haveto be forced in and out like many other racing wheels), and thewheel’s rubberized grips help keep hands from slipping around whileracing.

Families say: Current sensor bars in the marketplace offerlimited playing range, causing families and friends to sometimesgame uncomfortably close together.

Solution: Extended Range Wireless Sensor Bar for Wii from Memorex (MSRP$14.99)

WeTime brings families together – but a little space is goodwhen it comes to multi-player games. Memorex’s Extended RangeWireless Sensor Bar allows family members to spread out whileplaying, without losing the remote signal. This is great for gamesthat require larger accessories, such as guitar or sportskit-related games. The sensor bar is wireless, so it can be placednear the television and your gaming console can be placed anywherein the room, eliminating unsightly cables. The sensor bar alsofeatures a LED-indicator warning to signal when battery power islow.

Families say: Wii Remotes with rechargeable batteries don’t holda long-lasting charge, must be removed from sleeves before chargingand are tricky to place into docking stations.

Solution: Quad Controller Charging Kit for Wii from Memorex (MSRP$44.99)

Modern family game night can’t happen without charged remotes.But it’s expensive to frequently replace the remote batteries, andmany controller charging kits are frustrating and time-consuming touse. In addition to solving the “we need more batteries” and”where’s the remote?” issues, this inductive charging solution fromMemorex solves three problems in one compact, affordable product.Families can keep remotes in their protective sleeves whilecharging and neatly organize their remotes by placing them on topof the charging station. The battery holds a long-lasting charge -up to 30 hours of continuous play time – so there’s no more wastingvaluable playing time or trying to fit your remotes perfectly intothe charging station. Instead, you can jump right into WeTime.

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WeTime Parent Survey Methodology

The WeTime Parent Survey was conducted online within the UnitedStates by Harris Interactive on behalf of Memorex Nov. 4-10, 2009among 1,344 adults age 18-plus who are the parents of children 0-17years old. No estimates of theoretical sampling error can becalculated; a full methodology is available.

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