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Warm weather and longer days mean people are spending more timeoutdoors. Why not use the beauty of nature to your advantage andchoose to entertain outside this season? Between the grill, thebugs and the heat, entertaining outdoors can prove a trickyproposition, so follow these easy steps to ensure that this summeryour outdoor entertaining efforts go off without a hitch.

1.Ward off bugs using citronella candles and tiki torches.Available at most garden and home improvement stores, these smallpurchases will be an invaluable tool for keeping critters at bay.Nothing ruins a barbecue faster than swarms of mosquitoes or a beesting.

2. Provide comfortable and abundant seating for your guests.This may mean purchasing a few extra benches or outdoor chairs atyour local outdoor center, or even renting folding chairs for theevent if you’ll have a large group. People need a place to sit downand rest, particularly while they’re eating full plates offood.

3. Consider planning your event during the big game to have abuilt-in theme. Decorate using your team’s colors and logo, andeven serve typical tailgate foods to enhance the mood. Use yoursatellite TV connectionto broadcast the game on your plasma TV or even a projectionsystem, if you’re willing to splurge.

4. Create a welcoming indoor space as a respite forweather-weary guests. Set aside one room, typically the den orsunroom, that guests are welcome to enter and relax in. This allowsfor a more free-flowing atmosphere and also helps those withallergies or sensitivity to heat avoid the embarrassment that comeswith having to excuse themselves.

5. Bone up your cooking skills using technology you already own.Satellite TV programming offers a variety of cooking programsand channels that often feature seasonal dishes and ideas. Inaddition, search the Web for exciting new recipes and techniques totry out at your casual outdoor party.

6. Plan for inclement weather. Have some tents ready andumbrellas on hand in case rain threatens to derail your plans.Ponchos are never a bad idea, and your guests will surelyappreciate if you have a smooth transition plan in place for movingthe whole thing inside.

7. Parking should be the last thing your guests worry about, soplan accordingly. If spaces are tight in your driveway orneighborhood, consider speaking with your neighbors beforehandabout allowing your guests to use their curb space. If it’s alarger party with a lot of guests, valet services are available forrent at reasonable hourly rates.

Entertaining outdoors can be stressful and exciting – whodoesn’t love breathing in fresh air while enjoying food hot off thegrill? While these events may seem highly casual, you may find thatyou need to put in even more time planning for this type of event.Along with the novelty of the outdoors comes a wide array ofpotential complications, but crossing your “T”s and dotting your”I”s beforehand will save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

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