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When it comes to technology, the summer of 2010 is shaping up tobe one of the most exciting in recent history. Newspapers,magazines and the Internet are all abuzz with the latest offerings,and even more impressive gadgets and gizmos lie on the horizon.Below you’ll find a list of some of the summer’s hottest technologyproducts, all on the cutting edge of the future of tech.

The iPad: Any self-respecting technology list for 2010 startswith Apple’s iPad. Steve Jobs and company are once again boldlyattempting to introduce a completely new product into the market,but will the iPad be the next iPhone? Released in early April, bothcritical and popular response has been mostly positive, but itremains to be seen whether the masses will ditch their laptops infavor of the keyboard-less tablet. Not far behind, other companiessuch as HP, Dell, and even Google have announced plans to developsimilar products.

At the moment, Apple is selling only WiFi models of the iPad. Onthe horizon are 3G models, capable of browsing the Net anywhere 3Gservice or higher is provided. With bandwidth-heavy applicationsthreatening to slow down everyone’s experience on the iPad’s 3Gprovider’s network, some are considering waiting until 4Gis available for the device.

4G Internet: Mentioned briefly above, 4G Internet by Clear isthe next revolution in connectivity. From dial-up to DSL tobroadband, wired Internet has continued to increase in speed overthe past decade, and now wireless Internet is ready to make thesame leap. ClearWireless4G is available in select markets now, but Internet usersshould expect the service to roll into new cities throughout thesummer of 2010, making wireless infinitely more accessible andconvenient.

Location-based social networking: Most people are familiar withFacebook, currently boasting more than 400 million members acrossthe world, as well as the micro-blogging site, Twitter. But forthose looking toward the future, location based networking siteslike Foursquare, Brightkite, Loopt and Gowalla seem to be what’sahead. Indeed, the social networking giants mentioned above arerushing to integrate this kind of technology into their service,which connects users with friends based on their location, allowingfor meet-ups and a little friendly competition.

Online TV: Millions of Americans ditched their landlines in thefirst decade of the 21st century. Today, it appears that standalonetelevisions might be primed for a similar fate. Services like Huluand Netflix have made it possible to enjoy streaming televisionshows over the Internet on your computer screen. Whether this meanscustomers will leave TV behind remains to be seen, especiallyconsidering that 3D TV is looming on the horizon.

The only thing hotter than the temperatures this summer is theslate of new technology available to consumers. Each offerssomething special, so take a minute to explore which options couldimprove your daily life, and make your technology experience easierand more fun.

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