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Nearly 40 millions Americans are over the age of 65, and as thesenior citizen population grows, so does the new technologytargeted at this audience. From medical devices that make lifeeasier to new technologies that help older and younger generationsstay connected, there is a wide array of products available thatare not only helpful, but easy to use. Here’s an overview of thetop technology trends for seniors.

Digital hearing aids – For years, it was assumed that hearing aids wereuncomfortable and extremely noticeable. This is no longer the case.Leading hearing aid providers now offer nearlyinvisible hearing aids that are both comfortable and effective.High-tech hearings aids are also easier than ever to use. And it’simportant to note that hearing loss is a growing concern amongsenior citizens. More than 32 million Americans are currentlydealing with some degree of hearing loss. The best way to find outif hearing aids can help you or someone you know is by getting aprofessional hearing test.

Medical emergency equipped security systems – The latestwireless home security systems are equipped with everything fromburglary to carbon monoxide monitoring. But perhaps the mostimportant feature for senior citizens is medical emergencymonitoring. Security systems with medical monitoring come withequipment like wireless keypads and keychain remotes so that 9-1-1can be reached with the touch of a button. Some systems also havetwo-way voice capabilities, so if someone falls, they cancommunicate with emergency personnel through a speaker in the homesecurity panel.

Basic Internet knowledge – The idea of learning how to use theInternet can seem daunting. But in reality, it can make youhappier. A recent policy paper from the Phoenix Center found thatspending time online reduces depression among senior citizens by 20percent. Many experts believe this is because Internet use helpssenior citizens stay better connected to family and friends. FromGmail to Facebook, more senior citizens are becoming Internetsavvy as a means of keeping in touch with grandchildren and otherfamily members.

High-tech reminders – A variety of new products are beingdeveloped to help remind seniors to take medications and refillprescriptions. One of the latest developments is a Smart PillDispenser. Aurora Health Care offers a pillbox that can speakreminders and will dispense up to six doses of medication a day.This is great for people who live alone and have a hard timeremembering what medications need to be taken and when. Plus, thehigh-tech box will even notify a caregiver if 90 minutes passes anda pill isn’t taken.

Whether you’re looking for the latest products for yourself oryour parents, it’s important to do research before investing in anunknown high-tech item. Hearing aids and home security systems havebeen around for years, but some of the newest gadgets don’t fulfilltheir promises. Either way, it’s good to know that new solutionsare being developed every day to make life as a senior citizeneasier.

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