Students organize fundraiser to benefit New Orleans Bulldog Rescue


Bulldog Hannah was adopted by a Tulane student through the New Orleans’ Bulldog Rescue’s event on the LBC quad. 

Sam Ergina, Online Arcade Editor

Taking advantage of the Tulane students’ weekly pilgrimage to F and M Patio Bar, juniors Hannah Walton and Kayla Kauffman organized a fundraiser event at the Thursday-night hotspot to raise money for a local bulldog rescue initiative.

Beer for Bulldogs took place Thursday Jan. 21 and, for a $5 admission fee, featured free beer and two free platters of the renowned cheese fries from the bar on Tchoupitoulas Street. Despite the stormy weather, both students and community members alike made the trek. While the fundraiser may have started on a slower note, it quickly picked up and was overall a great success, generating $550 over a two-hour period.

All proceeds went to New Orleans Bulldog Rescue. When animal shelters fill up, the first breeds considered for euthanasia are typically breeds like bulldogs and pit bulls. Bulldog Rescue takes in these pups and provides them with foster care until they match with an owner.

“Bulldogs and pit bull mixes, which are the dogs they take, are the first that are likely to get euthanized, or put down, or left on the streets,” Kauffman said. “People have the notion that they’re aggressive, which isn’t really true.”

The rescue takes care of preliminary health processes in order to ensure the dogs are in their best shape and to avoid imposing additional costs on possible adopters. The money raised from Beer for Bulldogs was dedicated towards bills and other necessities leading up to the dogs’ adoption.

Walton and Kauffman began working with New Orleans Bulldog Rescue the previous semester, driven by their love of dogs. New Orleans Bulldog Rescue put them in charge of organizing an event that could inspire college students to donate to the non-profit’s cause. After the organization won a raffle to host an event at F and M’s, Walton and Kauffman coordinated with the bar to set up the time and deals on drinks and food to entice the largest number of Tulane students. They also helped organize an additional awareness campaign with bulldogs on the LBC Quad further spurred participation among the student body.

Beyond the Tulane community, it was a cause that inspired other residents and institutions of Uptown New Orleans. At the last minute, the local Magazine Street bar The Bulldog donated glasses to the event, testifying to the New Orleanian ability to rally behind a worthy cause.

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